Social Permaculture Course- an IPCUK edge event

Start: Tuesday, September 1, 2015 - 1:01am Location: The Sustainability Centre, Hampshire

The Social Permaculture Course will be taught by five facilitators considered to be pioneers in social permaculture; Looby Macnamara, Peter Cow, Starhawk, Robin Clayfield and Robina McCurdy.

Social permaculture has arisen out of the need to focus on us as people, how we can inter - relate, motivate, inspire, act co-operatively and effectively to bring about positive benefits for the planet and people to secure our future. Social permaculture recognises the value and effectiveness of applying permaculture principles and design to all relationships.

There is a growing realisation that, while enough skills, resources and techniques for widespread planet care and repair currently exist, there are other stumbling blocks that we have yet to overcome. What has been noted time and again is the ability of people themselves to stand in the way of positive action, right through from a personal to a global level. We can observe with individual, community and larger scale projects that it is our dynamics as human beings that ultimately dictate success or stalling. Well-meaning projects can come to a stand still if people aren't attended to.

The course will:

– teach each person the permaculture methods and processes that can be applied to any group or relationship

– give every person the opportunity to set intentions for themselves and their relationships

– bring each individual together as a collective who are weaving together something that will progress the whole movement of social permaculture globally 

From 1st-6th September, 2015.