Start: Saturday, March 16, 2013 - 10:30am Location: London South Bank University, Keyworth Centre Events Theatre, London SE1 6NG

The Zeitgeist Movement's  Z-Day: Realizing Human Sustainability & Progress. The 5th annual symposium is held in London 2013. 

The event features The Moneyless Manifesto author Mark Boyle, Sean Bain (The Equality Trust), Ben Dyson (Positive Money), Jim Phillips (TZM Education), Daren de Witt (Centre for Non-Violent Communication) and others.

Organised by The Zeitgeist Movement, 'Zeitgeist Day' or 'Z-Day', for short, is an annual, global event day which occurs will consist of a series of guest lectures on topics relevent to the 'train of thought' which The Zeitgeist Movement outlines in detail at the main website.

There will be a 25-frame science and sustainability exhibition featuring current technologies involving energy harnessing, transport systems, farming systems, e.t.c.

There will be exhibition frames of city system designs, architecture, transport systems, e.t.c., designed by Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project.

The wider goal of this event is of increasing public awareness of The Zeitgeist Movement and a Natural Law/Resource-Based Economic Model. If you are not familiar with the tenets and goals of The Zeitgeist Movement please visit our website or watch the free documentary "Moving Forward": 

Following overwhelming interest - this event is now sold out! The video recordings of the lectures/interviews will be available for free online viewing shortly after the event.

If you'd still like to attend, please use the "Waitlist" link above and you will be contacted automatically should returned tickets become available.

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