Hinkley C Nuclear Plant: Britain's Biggest Political Scandal

Donnachadh McCarthy
Tuesday, 15th March 2016

Donnachadh McCarthy explains why commissioning Hinkley C nuclear plant is the biggest corporate/political corruption scandal in Britain's history and names some of the pro-lobbyists involved.

Imagine for a moment you need to replace your ageing gas boiler:

A company comes along and offers to install the world’s most expensive experimental gas-boiler ever made.
* It has only ever produced four of these boilers before and NONE of them work yet.
* The first one it tried to build in Finland is already 9 years behind schedule, has tripled in price and has unsolved safety problems.
* The second one it tried to build in France is 6 years behind schedule, has also tripled in price and may have to be destroyed and started from scratch due to safety problems emerging.
* The remaining two machines are being built in China are also running years behind schedule.

This new boiler is full of lethally toxic chemicals which if the boiler’s seals break down will kill everybody in your house and all of the city around your house would have to be permanently removed immediately without even being allowed to collect their belongings, all of which would be lethally contaminated.

In addition, the company wants to install your new experimental boiler beside the overflow pipe of your bathroom where it might get flooded, which would mean the lethal toxins in the boiler would spread through the flood waters and contaminate your city’s rivers and the ocean it flows into.

The boiler not only is the most expensive boiler ever made but it will cost you over THREE times to run than your current boiler and they are demanding you sign a 35 year inflation proofed deal that stops you from switching to a cheaper supplier.

Not a single commercial insurer will insure your new boiler, so you have to insure the costs of evacuating all of your neighbours permanently yourself.
Also not a single bank will lend you the money to install your new boiler, as they believe it is financially insane project to lend money to.

Finally, the experimental boiler continuously produces highly toxic waste that the supplier has no idea what to do with it.

You will have to stash this toxic waste in the cellar for hundreds of thousands of years, where it might leak, as a temporary measure, until somebody figures out a way to dispose of it safely – a problem the company has been trying to solve for 60 years but continuously fails to find a solution.”

Because THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE UK POLITICAL CLASSES AND THE UK GOVERNMENT ARE proposing to do, when it works with EDF Energy to complete the contract to build Hinkley Point in the next few weeks.

But why would Britain or any supposedly sane country sign the world’s most insane energy contract ever?

There is only one answer – deep scandalous multi-million pound systemic political corruption. The international corporate nuclear industry has bought all three of Britain’s political parties.
It is the most scandalous classic example of The Corrupted Political System Pillar of The Prostitute State.

Senior figures or members of their families from Labour, the Lib Dems and the Tories all are political prostitutes working for the notoriously corrupt nuclear industry. They are lining their pockets to push through the biggest heist ever perpetrated on the British people.

A small sample of the party political nuclear prostitutes include:
• Three former Labour Energy Ministers (John Hutton, Helen Liddell, Brian Wilson)
• Gordon Brown’s brother worked as head lobbyist for EDF
• Jack Cunningham chaired Transatlantic Nuclear Energy Forum
• Labour Minister Yvette Cooper’s dad was chair of nuclear lobbyists The
Nuclear Industry Association.
• Ed Davey, Lib Dem energy minister’s brother worked for a nuclear
• Ed Davey when kicked out of Parliament went and worked for the same
nuclear lobbying firm his brother worked for.
• Lord Clement Jones who was Nick Clegg’s General Election Party
Treasurer was a nuclear industry lobbyist.
• Tory Peer Lady Maitland is board member of nuclear lobbyist Sovereign
• Bernard Ingham, Thatcher’s press spokesperson, has been nuclear
lobbyist for over 25 years.
• Tory Peer Lord Jenkin was a paid consultant to nuclear industry
• Tory MEP Giles Chichester is president of nuclear lobbyists EEF.

A fuller list of nuclear industry lobbyists across the four pillars of The Prostitute State including politicians, journalists, academics and lobbyists are listed here:

A fuller article by me on how nuclear corruption trumps UK democracy was published by The Ecologist here:

What can we do?

With so little time remaining one small action would be to email your MP demanding that they oppose this deal urgently. "Momentum" members should be demanding Corbyn face down the huge cabal of corrupt Labour nuclear lobbyists and the individual trade union vested interests and oppose this scandalous deal.

Yes You Can!

Donnachadh McCarthy is the author The Prostitute State – How Britain’s Democracy Has Been Bought