Calling all UK crafters & makers - take part in 'A New Year's Revolution'
Sunday, 1st January 2012

Bricks & Bread, the Sustainable Living Centre in Aldershot, Hampshire, is launching an three month exhibition of British crafts and artefacts. Find out how you can get involved and sell your work.

On the 7th of January Bricks & Bread Sustainable Living Centre in Hampshire, Engand are launching an exhibition called 'A New Year's Revolution'. From the 7th January through to the 31st March at they will be showcasing the products and stories about the people who made them, especially if the craft required learning new skills, a change direction or starting a new business. This exhibition is designed to inspire others to consider starting their own enterprise or learn a creative skill.

Alongside the exhibition Bricks & Bread will be holding workshop taster sessions every Saturday and offering incubator work space to creative enterprises. (Let them know if you want to run a workshop or would like some space to work in.)

If you are a crafter or maker of anything in the UK and would like to take part there is no charge for exhibiting. Bricks & Bread are happy to offer your products for sale if they can have 10% commission in return.

The exhibition is being held over the next 3 months and Bricks & Bread will be continuely adding to it, so if you want to get involved and can't get the display items to them in time then don't worry they can add them later, the most important thing is to send them the info they need to create a story board about you and your work, so wthey can promote your products and inspire people with your story.

There is no time commitment required on your part, but Bricks & Bread would love it if you want to visit the Centre or take part in a workshop.  What a brilliant opportunity!

Contact us Bricks & Bread further information:
Bricks and Bread Sustainable Living Centre
Albion Works, Next to the Garden Gate Pub, Church Lane East, Aldershot, Hampshire GU11 3BT
[email protected]

Twitter: @bricksandbread
01252 314060 

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