Brand 'Permaculture' Now Sold in European Supermarket Chain

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Tuesday, 1st March 2016

German supermarket chain, 'Real' have introduced organic produce specifically grown from permaculture farms into their stores.

German supermarket, 'Real', are the first to sell branded permaculture produce.

The supermarket are working with permaculture farmers who create healthy soils with natural ecosystems, to grow fruit and veg. 'Real' believe that permaculture principles are the best way to secure a future for the next generation and are gradually incorporating more and more permaculture products into their range.

The 'Real' chain have 310 stores across Germany, including 13 in Turkey and 4 in Romania.

The supermarket began by selling just a selection of organic produce, and now offers leeks, radishes, carrots, chicory, baby spinach, lamb's lettuce and oriental salad mix, all during their natural harvest seasons.

The produce they sell:

– is 100% free of artificial additives

– is 100% free of chemicals, including synthetic manure, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides

– promotes the building of top soil. Top soil stores CO2 and increases the ground’s fertility.

– 100% fulfils the EU Organic Requirements

– fosters an economical usage of water

– contributes to the preservation of biodiversity, nature and habitats.

The majority of the organic produce is sourced from Friedrich Lehmann farms (lehmann natur), who has been using permaculture methods since 1988.

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