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Friday, 1st May 2015

Learn different methods of natural building at this year's South Downs Green Fair or take a course with Building Naturally at The Sustainability Centre.

The Sustainability Centre (where Permaculture magazine are based) are collaborating with Building Naturally to promote natural building techniques.

In a world of concrete and brick, it is important to educate people in more sustainable and natural methods of building.

Natural building will feature at this year's South Downs Green Fair held at the Sustainability Centre on Sunday 10th May 2015 as well as a five day course being held in June.

South Downs Green Fair

The Building Naturally Arena at the South Downs Green Fair will feature:

- Cob building
- Rammed earth building
- Thatching
- Natural plastering
- Straw bale building
- Hemp-clay blocks

Natural Building Course

The five day course, from 1-5th June 2015 will give a taster of five different natural building techniques. These are:

- Staw bale building with Bee Rowan of Strawbuild

- Roundwood timber roofing with David Watson of The Creative Coppicing Company

- Rammed earth building with Jason Hawkes (J3 Building Futures)

- Hemp-lime building with Will Stanix

- Cob wall building with ken Neal & Associates

This first course is now open for bookings, visit for more information.

Later in September there will be further courses on natural plaster/render techniques, and natural roofs including shingles, thatch and green roof.

Feature Walls

Building Naturally will be building a series of feature walls at The Centre using these natural building methods, with the timber-framing element to make the protective roofs over each one.

These walls whilst fulfilling a function in themselves will also provide demonstrations of different natural build techniques for schools and visitors to be inspired by.

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