Calling All Young Change Makers

Justine Huxley
Thursday, 3rd March 2016

A unique centre for peace and reconciliation in London is offering a nine month funded scholarship to 10 young people to help them become catalysts for change.

Our new spiritual ecology programme starts in September 2016 and for the first time we are inviting applications from across Europe. We are seeking 10 visionary young adults - individuals with committed spiritual lives, who are passionate about the Earth, and have the potential to be catalysts for real change. They will be part of a unique nine month journey which includes residential retreats in wild places, field trips to see spiritual ecology in action, project development support, and mentorship from wisdom keepers of the future.

The Spiritual Ecology Youth Fellowship Programme

We are seeking emerging leaders aged between 22 and 32, who have the potential to be catalysts for change, and who recognise the need to create a future that is rooted in the values of interconnectedness, service, stewardship, and reverence for nature. This unique new programme will offer an experience of deep study, reflection and practical project development. A central aspect is the exploration of how the foundational values of Spiritual Ecology can be implemented into projects that create lasting change.

We are looking for participants from a diverse range of backgrounds including but not limited to: environmentalists, community builders, educators, craftspeople, farmers, chefs, designers, architects, builders, civil servants, entrepreneurs, journalists and writers, artists, musicians and film makers. The program is open to people from all faith backgrounds as well as those without any direct religious or spiritual affiliation.

The fellowship follows a nine month life-changing journey for 10 selected participants, all of whom will receive full scholarships for programme tuition. All accommodation for the retreats will be provided at no cost, and a stipend will be provided for travel and food expenses. The programme includes two residential retreats, an international field trip, study weekends, and 1:1 mentoring from Tiokasin Ghosthorse (a remarkable Lakota elder), Adam Bucko (a powerful voice on the role of the younger generation in radical social change), and others.

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St Ethelburgas is based in the medieval church of Bishopsgate, one of the oldest buildings in the City, was orginally built in the 15th century. It was one of the few City churches to escape the Fire of London and also survived the Second World War unscathed. However, it was almost completely destroyed by an IRA bomb in 1993. Ten years and three million pounds worth of fundraising later, it was rebuilt and opened in 2002 as a centre for reconciliation and peace, transforming this act of terror into a symbol of hope.

St Ethelburgas is about growing the values needed to shift from conflict to cooperation, from separation to collaboration.  Our vision of peace is of a dynamic way of life in which people work together across differences and divisions of all kinds to solve the challenges of our times. We do this by:

• creating unique spaces for dialogue and encounter
• nurturing the visions and leadership capacity of young adults
• sharing tools and skills (in community reconciliation, collaboration, co-creation and participatory leadership)
• helping to rebuild relationships in communities experiencing tension.

We also recognise the critical role of resources in the perpetuation of conflict, and believe that sustainable peace is not possible without economic justice and ecological stewardship.   Our projects seek to explore practical ways in which those elements can be included in community building and peace-making.