Restoring and Reviving Lost Treasures

Transition Town Totnes
Tuesday, 4th February 2014

Instead of throwing out or selling old or worn furniture, why not learn how to restore these objects, and other items and give them a new life!

Local charity Refurnish Devons' new social enterprise The ReStore, is looking for volunteers to help with jobs as diverse as repainting a 1930s wardrobe to making soft toys from old jumpers. The ReStore, established three months ago at the Dartington Cider Press Centre, reclaims, repairs and resurrects furniture, as well as selling the work of local designers and makers who work in reclaimed materials. It aims to reduce waste by salvaging and repairing pieces that could have otherwise been landfill, and to provide training, knowledge and skills sharing.

Now the shop is inviting volunteers to help expand into new areas. "Whether you feel you have skills to share, or are wanting learn something new, and are interested to contribute to The ReStore, everyone is welcome," said project coordinator Adrian Porter. Jobs could include repairing furniture, painting pieces, staffing the shop or working in the craft studio upcycling materials into craft items for sale. The project is also looking for assistance with developing a social media presence along with promotional activity.

If you're interested in learning new skills or even improving some of your own furniture, The ReStore is about to launch a series of workshops aimed at providing you with the ability to rejuvenate forgotten treasures. "We're planning to cover upholstery, furniture painting, upcycling clothes and mosaic making," said Mel Milne, a volunteer at The ReStore "but we'd also love to hear what people would like to learn about." Take the chance to come and see what exciting and unusual things are already on show in the shop. Donations of interesting furniture, ornaments, tools and paint are also very welcome.

To find out more contact: [email protected] or call 01803 868637. The ReStore, at Dartington, is open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am - 4.30pm 

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You can find the ReStore online at