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Tuesday, 4th August 2015

The International Permaculture Convergence is nearly here! Have you booked on to any edge events?

Following IPCUK (International Permaculture Convergence UK), The Sustainability Centre, Hampshire – home to Permaculture magazine – are holding three permaculture edge events.

One is a PDC with world reknowned Australian teacher Rosemary Morrow, the second is a social permaculture course with five pioneering social teachers, the thrid a course for permaculture teachers.

The PDC with Rosemary Morrow

The course with Rosemary Morrow will teach participants how to begin a permaculture design for disaster areas.

With climate change creating an increasing amount of severe challenges across the world, it is time permaculture showed how its design process can provide solutions. Rosemary will teach design strategies for both land and communities so that students can apply design to their own regions.

The course has been taught in Solomon Islands, communities threatened by fire and flood and when the events occurred they were ready and survived. The workshop relies on participants having local knowledge. They will learn what planning is required Before, During and Post disasters. From 22-27th August.

Social Permaculture Course

The Social Permaculture Course will be taught by five facilitators considered to be pioneers in social permaculture; Looby Macnamara, Peter Cow, Starhawk, Robin Clayfield and Robina McCurdy.

Social permaculture has arisen out of the need to focus on us as people, how we can inter - relate, motivate, inspire, act co-operatively and effectively to bring about positive benefits for the planet and people to secure our future. Social permaculture recognises the value and effectiveness of applying permaculture principles and design to all relationships.

There is a growing realisation that, while enough skills, resources and techniques for widespread planet care and repair currently exist, there are other stumbling blocks that we have yet to overcome. What has been noted time and again is the ability of people themselves to stand in the way of positive action, right through from a personal to a global level. We can observe with individual, community and larger scale projects that it is our dynamics as human beings that ultimately dictate success or stalling. Well-meaning projects can come to a stand still if people aren’t attended to.

The course will:

– teach each person the permaculture methods and processes that can be applied to any group or relationship

– give every person the opportunity to set intentions for themselves and their relationships

– bring each individual together as a collective who are weaving together something that will progress the whole movement of social permaculture globally.

From 1-6th September.

The teachers

Starhawk is the author of The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups and 11 other books. She brings 40 or more years of experience with horizontal, co-creative organizing, facilitating, and teaching, a lifetime of experiences sometimes wonderful, sometimes horrific! Her special interests are in working across the lines of diversity, and in helping groups learn the communication tools and interpersonal skills to navigate conflict.

Looby Macnamara is author of People and Permaculture and 7 Ways to Think Differently. She is bringing an understanding of how to apply the permaculture principles and design to ‘invisible’ structures and social situations. She has created the design web specifically for people based designs. Her special interests are using systems thinking for groups and learning through creative play.

Robin Clayfield is an international facilitator, educator, social change agent and author. She brings over three decades of permaculture facilitation, her cutting edge 'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning' methodology plus abundant skills, processes, passion and a deep love of group work and caring for people.

Robina McCurdy is the author of Grounding Vision - Empowering Culture, the Localising Food Facilitators Manual, and ‘Growing Schools’ video series producer. Over the past 30 years she has worked globally as a permaculture educator within community development, focusing on ecovillages, farming co-ops, urban neighbourhoods and schools. Through this dynamic social change work, Robina has crafted a rich toolkit of outcome-oriented processes for collective decision-making and transformative action. Lets play!

Peter Cow is a heartfelt and cutting edge facilitator, passionate about tools that unlock personal growth, effective collaboration and regenerative cultural design. He brings community living experience, a love of music, and a deep connection to nature to all his work, leading PDCs, social permaculture courses, and trainings in regenerative culture around Europe.

'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning'

Creative teachers and facilitators training from 22-27th August at The Sustainability Centre, Petersfield.

Presented and facilitated by Robin Clayfield from Australia with Looby Macnamara from UK as special guest facilitator. Robin Clayfield's five day residential course in creative facilitation, group leadership and teacher training is a leading edge immersion in skills and knowledge for people involved in permaculture, environmental education, sustainability, transition, social change and community development.

“We are really fortunate to be able to host Robin Clayfield’s Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning course for the first time in the UK. She is co-author of ‘Teaching Permaculture Creatively’ which was hugely influential on my pathway as a permaculture teacher, and this course promises to be full to the brim of creativity and empowerment." Looby Macnamara

There is now a payment plan option with only cost of food and accommodation needing to be paid upfront.

Please see www.designedvisions.co.uk/index.php/course-dates-topmenu-97/tots-2/337-sustainability-centre-dynamicgroups or phone Looby on 01981 540121 or email [email protected]

The Venue

The Sustainability Centre, - home to Permaculture magazine - is situated on the South Downs Way and surrounded by a network of footpaths and lanes. It's 55 acres of woodland and natural chalk downland has a wide range of habitats: rough grassland, chalk grassland, native woodland, coniferous woodland, ponds and hedges.

The Centre teaches the public that economic development can be achieved without degrading the rural environment. It also has office space, seminar rooms, catering facilities and a cafe area. Wetherdown lodge has been refitted using sustainable building materials and boasts an integrated solar photovoltaic roof and a wood chip biomass boiler and the stunning woodland classroom made from local sustainable material, designed and built by Ben Law, will be used on the course.

For more information see - www.sustainability-centre.org

Booking information

For more information and booking for both courses, please contact Looby on 01981 540121 email Looby 

Concession (students, pensioners, unwaged) £325 - limited places available on a first come first served basis

Low waged (under £15K/year) £425

Waged £525 

Organisation rate £625

Price includes all food and tuition. Accomodation is either camping or in shared rooms in the eco-lodge. Camping is included in the price and for the lodge there is an additional charge of £5 a night i.e. £25 for the entire course.