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Sebastian von Holstein
Monday, 5th November 2012

Ben is here this week to answer some of your top questions! Do you want to know more about his home, maybe you've just bought a parcel of woodland or perhaps you are planning a Grand Design of your own...

After appearing on BBC's Countryfile last night (available to watch online until 11 Nov 2012), woodsman, author and Grand Designer Ben Law is leading OCN Sustainable Woodland Management course here at the Sustainability Centre all this week. Despite the fact that Ben is busy running courses, working on new builds, training apprentices and managing his own woodland, he has agreed to answer a few of our reader's top questions.

What would you ask Ben?

Perhaps you have just purchased a new woodland, or maybe you'd like to get his view on the British ash tree crisis...

For some more question inspiration, we have posted a short trailer of Ben at work! If you would like to ask a questions, please use the ADD COMMENTS box at the end of this article! We will then select the top 5 questions and put them to Ben. Responses will be posted on our website next week...

Ben Law is currently filming a tv documentary based on The Woodland Year. The film will follow his life and work over the next 12 months. Starting in winter, each episode will feature a different season. To follow this project, look out for news updates on litmusfilms.com and permaculture.co.uk

Ben Law is the author of The Woodland Way, The Woodland House, The Woodland YearRoundwood Timber Framing and has starred in his own Roundwood Timber Framing DVD. He also appeared on Channel 4's Grand Design, where viewers voted him as their favourite 'Grand Design' project.

Ben also trains apprentices and runs courses on sustainable woodland management, eco-building and permaculture design. He runs a specialist eco-building company The Roundwood Timber Framing Company Limited, which specialises in the supply of roundwood construction timber and a building and project management service. 

You can also visit the Woodland House on specified open days. Visit www.ben-law.co.uk for more information.

loli |
Sat, 10/11/2012 - 12:25


We just bought a farm with a forest, and we want to take care of the forest using principles of permaculture. My husband grew up in a family with a forest, but they used it "the modern way" by cutting down all the trees in a big area at once and planting monocultures afterwards. So, we will have to learn it all from scratch. We will read your book "The Woodland Way". Please tell us which other sources of knowledge we should give priority to now. We feel lost but optimistic. We really want to learn and put it into practise!

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