Joel Salatin Comes to the Netherlands

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Tuesday, 8th April 2014

Joel Salatin will visit the Netherlands to share his knowledge from the success of his holistic, multi-enterprise Polyface farm.

Holistic farmer, Joel Salatin, will be teaching a two day course at Farm Zonnehoeve, Zeewolde, the Netherlands.

Joel Salatin is a sustainable farmer at the multi-enterprise Polyface Farm in America, where he uses holistic methods to raise livestock and grow food without the use of harmful chemicals. He is known internationally for his innovative techniques and has created a thriving business that not only provides customers with good quality food, trains the next generation of farmers through his apprenticeship schemes but also makes money. A lot of it. Joel is an example of how a sustainable and low-stress farm can be profitable.

The two days will be packed with a genuine 'Masterclass', in which Joel will share extensively how the agricultural ecosystem of his family-run Polyface Farms is structured, and how it is functioning.

He will cover as many aspects of his polyculture system as possible, from technical, ecological, economical, to social, educational and cultural. Joel's aim is to support others in getting good results with maximum added value to the planet, the entire society and themselves.

Subjects included in the course are: soil, grazing, health, cattle, poultry, pigs, rabbits. He will also pay attention to: forestry, water management, climate and composting. Moreover he will zoom in on his approach to direct marketing and the training of new generations of farmers. 

The course will take place at Farm Zonnehoeve, Zeewolde, the Netherlands on Saturday May 10th-11th from 9am to 5pm.

The course will take place in English but a Dutch translation will also be available.

To register for the course email salatincursus[at] with full names of the participants and payment. The cost is €250 (including VAT). 

For more information visit:

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