URGENT! Permaculture People Please Support East Africa's Famine Appeals

Permaculture magazine
Friday, 8th July 2011

Millions of people across East Africa are experiencing the worst famine for 60 years. A mass exodus from Ethiopia is heading south towards Kenya and Somalia, not realising that the lands they are heading towards are as barren as their own.

The UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation states that we produce enough food to give everyone over 2,500 kcal per day, yet we are failing to help support the lives of tens of millions of people across Africa.

These people are the victims, in part, of climate change, and we have a responsibility to react today. The frequency and severity of droughts, floods and storms in Africa and the southern states of America are a graphic illustration of what is happening across our planet.

This week many aid agencies have launched emergency appeals in response to the East Africa droughts. We urge you to support them, right now – here are the contacts for a few of the major charities (there will be others):

Disasters Emergency Committee
Action Aid

As permaculturists, we also want to part of the support network in a more direct way. One of these ways is to help African permaculturists make a difference in their own countries.

The Permaculture Association, in collaboration with Permaculture magazine, is asking for help in supporting delegates from poorer countries to attend this year's International Permaculture Convergence (IPC10) in Jordan.

The Permaculture Association has supported people to attend the last three events, and this year we want to raise £4,500 to support African delegates in particular.

There are huge benefits for the sponsored delegates. Aaron Kalala Karumba, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, was supported to go to Malawi in 2009. New contacts, knowledge and inspirations made a big impression on Aaron, who has gone on to develop projects in one of the world's most troubled countries.

You can help today with a donation of any size. Send cheques to the Permaculture Association, marked IPC10, or DONATE ONLINE via paypal.