Perma-caravan Arrives in Greece

Permaculture magazine
Friday, 20th June 2014

Peter Cow's perms-caravan hits Greece this month. It is travelling across the country holding free permablitz events, workshops, talks and a Permaculture Design Course.

Permaculture expert Peter Cow will be teaching a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) at the Homeland Centre in southern Greece and then travelling the country for three weeks in the perma-caravan, giving talks and taking part in permablitz workshops across the country.

Homeland's Jenny Gkiougki has organised the trip, getting together with various other hosts to create a fun and educational permaculture trip. 

She said: "So the perma-caravan was basically my idea. I thought that instead of doing the standard thing: do a PDC and be done with it, I 'd like to grab the opportunity of someone like Peter coming to Greece and see what else we can do. My mind is set, for a few years now, on trying to provide necessary, new skills to the ever growing amount of my fellow Greeks who are envisioning their return to nature, especially now, during this crisis, I think this takes even greater importance. Around 27% of our country is in the NATURA protection programme and now they're changing laws, selling off our natural heritage, the beauty and the treasures of Greek nature. I reckon we need to make people more aware of the importance nature plays in our existence and teaching the perma-principles is a good way to start!"

To find out more about the course visit

To learn more about the various perma-caravan visits and free permablitz events visit

The PDC will be funding the three week tour but at present they have not reached their funds. Even €5 will help. For more information visit

In the past few years Greece has been one of the hardest hit countries in terms of austerity measures. Permaculture magazine has covered some of the innovative ways people have gathered together to get through the crisis:

It is inspirational to see people like Jenny, Petere, the perma-caravan and their team aiming to make a positive difference to people's lives.

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