Fukushima Update: Unit 5 Leak

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Wednesday, 9th July 2014

A new leak found at Daiichi Fukushima in Unit 5, originally undamaged by the earthquake in 2011.

A new and dangerous leak has been found at Unit 5 of the Daichii Fukushima Plant, originally deemed safe.

The leak is coming from the fifth unit of The Tokyo Electric Power Company's (TEPCO) nuclear power complex which was not part of the original four damaged from the level 9 earthquake in 2011.

According to Cleantechnica.com, "Engineers on the Fukushima site have said that apparently about 1,300 liters of highly radioactive water has leaked from a 3mm-diameter hole near a cooling system flow valve in Unit 5. The leak forced TEPCO workers at around 12pm on Sunday to shut off the cooling water system that was stabilizing the temperature of the spent fuel rod pool."

Various news sites have explained that the unit is rising in temperature and within nine days it could exceed the dangerous threshold of 65oC. Hotter water increases the possibility of further reactions and radiation leaks.

"TEPCO still remains in crisis at these plants due to leakage from corroded and incompletely sealed tanks, groundwater influx from the nearby hills, planned emergency discharges into the Pacific, and tricky fuel rod removal from the blasted Unit 4 reactor. In addition, the ice wall we reported on in June is not working as well as expected, and the Advanced Liquid Processing System for water purification only went back online several weeks ago after numerous false starts. Also in June, an American company, Kurion Inc., contracted with TEPCO to remove the hazardous strontium that ALPS decontamination cannot address with its own first-of-a-kind, truck-mounted at-tank filtration system. (Cleantechnica.com)

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Barry Cohen |
Wed, 09/07/2014 - 14:35

TEPCO and the Japanese Government have been and continue to be negligent in operating and cleaning up the the horrific disaster they have caused by no relocating the reactor core cooling generators to a safe higher ground as they were told to do by nuclear experts years before the earthquake struck! They are not responsible enough to stay involved in the nuclear industry and an international task force of nuclear power plant experts must take over all aspects in this Fukushima power plant and for all others in Japan and elsewhere around the world where power plants are found to be unsafe or operated improperly! Meanwhile TEPCO and the Japanese Government need to foot the bill for the help they need and they also need to concentrate on removing the radiation from the soil, water and from the bodies of the people they have radiated! A good Idea would be to supply the natural mineral called Zeolite to the people that have been radiated to detox and safely remove both the radiation and toxic heavy metals from their bodies, Also anyone eating fish and seafood from the Pacific ocean in Japan, the USA and Canada should think very hard about doing a radiation and heavy metal detox with Zeolite as well!