Londoners clean up community after riots

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Tuesday, 9th August 2011

It may be difficult to look down your street this morning. Family businesses were lost to flames last night while people defended their homes with pots and pans. London was burning. We might not be able to see it yet on the news but amongst the rubble and ruin, Londoners are coming out to clean up the capital, peacefully and positively.

There were people blaming cuts, some simply put it down to opportunistic mindless acts of violence, of course, social networking, Twitter, Facebook, Blackberry Messenger played a huge part in the distruction of our cities. Clean-ups are going on all over Britain. A scene at the Birmingham Bullring: @daveharte Here's a heart-warming pic for you. @mrs_m_c brought her kids in from Bromsgrove for #riotcleanupYet Twitter seemed to work quicker than the news last night, it was the instant news of the people and we were able to see where the distruction was happening as it happened, whether our families and friends were safe, what was being done to bring the looting and pillaging to a close.

This morning there is a different story. #RiotCleanUp #StaySafe and  #PrayForLondon are all trending above comments with hatred, anger and whether the football is still on. This means that thousands more people are talking about cleaning up our communities and the positive steps we are taking to deal with the aftermath. It took 8 hours for the people of Britain to organise this, a testament to how strong our greater community can be. This is not just in the capital, other affected cities, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol are also involved.

To find out when the clean up is going on in your area go to:

There is also a list of clean-up meet-ups planned on facebook

But an effective way to keep up to date is to follow @RiotCleanUp on twitter or the #riotcleanup hashtag

Here are some positive tweets to keep your spirits up:

  • @Riotcleanup Let's ask why tomorrow. First step is to show love to our communities who need help but a much bigger problem exists post cleanup 
  • @kimbraxton In a time of such horrific actions by some, the majority join together & show there is still something worthy in humanity #riotcleanup 
  • @MrChrisDaykin Went to bed fearful about the riots. Today I'm humbled by people's solidarity in sorting the mess. Broken Britain? Nah. #riotcleanup 
  • @Katie_Khan Tottenham's homeless families - how to help. Take clothing, bedding, toys and other suitable items to Apex house, 820 Seven Sisters Road N15 
  • @The_Multiman #riotcleanup if you have a shop or home that has been affected my handymen will volunteer in our spare time to help with any repairs!
  • @Riotcleanup If they do it again. We do this again tomorrow. Solidarity for our communities. Show them they cannot win.


Qasima |
Mon, 15/08/2011 - 10:37

Many have cited social networks like Twitter and Facebook as having an essential role in spreading and fueling the on-going riots in London and alternative areas of the United Kingdom. But, we appreciate that Social media also taking an active role in the restoration attempts as hundreds of volunteers rally to literally clean up the streets. Related article I read: Londoners gather for riot cleanup effort .Open communication for a good cause. A charity work and a community service. A great task!

mary2012 |
Sat, 26/05/2012 - 02:01

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