Giant Extinct Toads Invade Climate-Killing Banks

Rozie Apps
Wednesday, 10th July 2013

The Church of Stop Shopping is a musical protest to the banks that profit from CO2 emissions, and now they are touring!

Giant golden extinct toads are coming to the UK for a week long tour.

The Reverend Billy and The Stop Shopping Choir will be in the UK as part of The Golden Toads Resurrection Tour from 20th-28th July.

The return of the Church of Stop Shopping brings the choir in the form of gigantic extinct Golden Toads, which were killed by climate change 25 years ago. Their musical protests embedded with the risk of arrest, take place in banks that profit from CO2 emissions. Recent 'services' have been held in UBS, HSBC, Bank of America, Deutsch Banks and JPMorgan Chase, who are the world's leading bankroller of climate death due to investments in coal fired power.

The singing activists from New York City will be performing at festivals, parks, stages and some invasions into the lobbies of international banks.

They will be playing at Latitude Festival, as well as Battersea Arts Centre and several other events in Cambridge, Colchester and Liverpool.

This radical post religious church also hold 'services' in shops, as close to the cash registers as possible. Their aim is to awaken citizens from consumerism, to stop the cycles that are destroying the planet and for people to realise, there is life after shopping!

Check out the video below of one their 'services' in JP Morgan and Chase.



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