Geoff Lawton & Permaculture Research Institute Win Prestigious Energy Globe Award

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Friday, 10th July 2015

Geoff Lawton and the Permaculture Research Institute in Australia have won the Energy Globe Award for their 'Greening/Re-Greening the Desert' project.

The Permaculture Research Institute and founder Geoff Lawton, based in Australia, are the 2015 winners of the Energy Globe Award.

The award was given to the institute for their project 'Greening/Re-Greening The Desert'.

The project has many elements, from treating desertification and land degradation, to teaching local people the skills and knowledge to protect their own land and provide food for further generations.

"To be honored with this award is a great recognition of our work for a better environment and motivates us to continue our endeavors in the future," Geoff Lawton, National Energy Globe Winner, Jordan.

As part of this year’s World Environment Day, the project was also presented by Energy Globe as part of a global online campaign ( to a wide audience. The campaign ran under the patronage of UNESCO and in cooperation with UNEP and received great recognition and a large echo.

From now on projects can be again submitted for the Energy Globe Award 2016. All details on

Watch Greening the Desert HERE Greening the Desert 2 HERE

Further resources

Geoff Lawton will be speaking at the International Permaculture Convergence (IPC) on 9th September 2015 in London. IPC will take place from 8-9th September including talks from Rob Hopkins, Jonathan Porrit, Pandora Thomas and our very own Maddy Harland. Visit HERE for more information

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