Australia Joins Carbon Tax Nations

Permaculture magazine
Monday, 11th July 2011

Having stood defiantly alongside the worst carbon polluters for many years, Australia has finally committed to introducing carbon tax legislation. Is this a green turning point?

Australia, the country that first gave the world permaculture, is to impose a carbon emissions tax aimed at the worst polluters.

It is a piece of economic and environmental reform that places Australia alongside the European Union and New Zealand in terms of action on climate change, and environmentalists will be hoping that it could encourage others to follow suit.

Australia is one of the world's biggest emitters of greenhouse gases per head of population, and generates some 80% of its electricity generated via coal. Its new carbon tax scheme will begin in July 2012 and it is estimated that over 500 companies will initially be affected. Agriculture, forestry, land and motorists will initially be exempt. Businesses have been told they will receive compensation to ensure they stay "competitive".

The aim of the legislation is to cut 159 million tones of CO2 by 2020. Carbon dioxide emissions will be taxed at A$23 ($25; £15) per tonne.

Understandable the tax is controversial - Australian households, as with other nations around the world, are set to see their energy and food bills rise in the year ahead - but around 40% of the population is reported as understanding what the government is trying to achieve.

These are issues about which permaculture groups in Australia have been vocal for many years: Australia North Inc., for example, has submitted tax system arguments to the government over the past few years. For further details of their proposals, visit Permaculture North.

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