The Green Party’s Green World Magazine Has Permaculture Special

Tony Rollinson
Thursday, 11th August 2011

Hot on the heels of July’s major New York Times permaculture feature comes this piece in Green World, the magazine for The Green Party’s members and those with an interest in green politics.

The six-page feature in Green World Issue 73 sets out to highlight permaculture's world view, while illustrating what we can do in our own spaces and communities.

Maddy Harland, editor of Permaculture magazine, introduces the ethics behind permaculture design and explains why it is more than a gardening technique. Maddy's recent interviews with eco-barrister Polly Higgins, sustainable campaigner, designer and inspiration Dame Ellen MacArthur (there are of course many others examples within the magazine's 21 year history) show there is a growing breadth in terms of the possible interpretations and applications of permaculture's principles to our lives. 

With food security and production a growing issue, Mark Anslow, Permacutlure magazine's online manager looks at how permacultural food production could provide solutions to feeding the world's population.

We also presents some of the best solutions submitted by Permaculture magazine readers over the years. 

Green World 73: Permaculture Special

The front cover features a photograph of Ben Law outside his woodland home. Yet inside, Tony Rollinson writes about his contribution to his village with the building of the Lodsworth Larder – a shop design and build which brought the whole of the village together. It shows communities how they can save the environment and save themselves transport costs.

As you will expect, there is much more in Green World 73. Other features include a look at local currencies (the transition movement has been featured, since its inception, in many issues of Permaculture magazine), the presence of women in powerful roles in society, international trade and the need for a green think tank.

We hope that the feature works as a positive introduction to permaculture and leads to more people understanding it and hopefully adopting elements of it.


The Green Party

Permaculture magazine issue 69

A Farm For The Future





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