Some of the World's Most Cutting Edge Education is Here!

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Thursday, 12th February 2015

Only in the permaculture world is education so much fun and so diverse. Here's some of the most cutting edge education - on rooftop city gardens, regenerative farms and on hands on natural building projects. We also support teachers with discounts, FREE magazines, FREE listings and more!

Take a look at inspiring courses on and in our latest issue, and see the range of full Permaculture Design Courses (PDCs), intro courses and online PDCs, to natural building, forest gardening and much more - all across the globe.

Plus, we offer UK and overseas tutors and students a free back issue of Permaculture magazine (one per student) and 30% OFF all books published by our publishing arm, Permanent Publications.

The PDC at Milkwood in Australia, based on a rooftop garden in Sydney includes a wide range of renowned permaculture teachers and co-author of Food from your Forest Garden, Caroline Aitken from Patrick Whitefield Associates, will be teaching PDCs in the UK at Ragman's Lane Farm.

In the USA, Wayne Weiseman, permaculture teacher and author of Integrated Forest Gardening, teaches advanced permaculture in Wisconsin and permaculture earthworks and water harvesting are taught at Blue Paradise Farms, in the stunning setting of Jamaica.

Our courses feature permaculture in all climates, from the tropics of Indonesia to Sweden. From May 9-23, Ridgedale Permaculture near Sunne, Sweden, will feature a full PDC with teacher Richard Perkins, one of Europe's foremost permaculture and keyline design professionals. ( Permaculture is being embraced right across northern Europe, and with Richard Perkins experience, consulting on projects in all major continents, his knowledge of different climates and the cooler setting of Ridgedale, means a wide range of permaculture design is taught. The course includes guest lectures from Ben Falk, Albert Bates and Eric Toensmeier, all highly regarded in the permaculture community.

There is something for everyone!

One highlight, 20-22 February, is Angie Polkey at the Centre for Alternative Technology ( If you have wanted to visit CAT for years and needed a really good excuse then this super intro course could just be what you need.

Plus, more courses added online weekly.

Special Courses

Our Special Course section is one part of the magazine and website that is growing as permaculture connects with ever more interest groups. Take a look at our course listings pages in the new issue of PM (pages 77-79), on the digital version too and here on our website:

You will see everything from beekeeping, through to foraging, woodland skills, building and survival courses. There are community and family events, forest gardening and courses which show you how to build that dream natural swimming pool. Our editor's pick for this season would be the series of DIY Wind Turbine courses at various venues around the UK this year (London in April, Bristol in May, Derbyshire in June for instance). Take a look at for further details.


For all you teachers interested in our free magazine offer and book discount offer, please email tony[at]

We do ask that overseas courses cover the price of postage for the free magazine offer.

We can provide a list of Permanent Publications books which are offered at 30% discount.

We also offer 10% off all other books, DVDs, tools and products featured on our other sister site, Green Shopping. To minimise administration and to enable us to offer these discounts, we ask that the order is collected and placed on behalf of everyone by one person (yourself or one of the students) with one set of card details and sent to one address.

Listing your course in Permaculture really does work: "I wanted to write and say a big thanks for the coverage of our project here in the news section of Permaculture Issue 83 - it was a real proud moment to see our news in print in your magazine! We're also getting a fair few enquiries from the course listings page, so again a big thanks.” James Reid, Managing Director, Tap o' Noth Permaculture Rhynie, Scotland.

We hope that sounds exciting. Just drop Tony an email for further details.

hearthstone |
Wed, 01/04/2015 - 04:48

Ecologically and Socially Sustainable Education: Creating a Sustainable World.
(Too long for here, online at )

Thank you, Hearthstone.

klara |
Wed, 25/04/2018 - 08:41

That's great. Indeed we should pay attention to climate change and how it influence us. When writing a research paper for on climate change I learnt Children growing up in LA have "clinically significant deficits" in a standard measure of lung function, compared to cleaner air kids (Gauderman et al. 2004, New England Journal of Medicine). Just one recent law, addressing just one set of pollutions from one course of pollution (toxins from power plants, see the 2012 Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS)) is estimated to prevent 11,000 premature deaths, 4,700 heart attacks and 130,000 asthma attacks every year (EPA Clean Air Act overview). As of not too long ago (2010) the EPA found that 1/3rd of Americans lived in places that at least part of the time were out of compliance with Clean Air Act standards. Even brief exposures to dirty air days are associated with spikes in heart attacks and asthma. A study in 2009 found that life expectancy in polluted cities had increased an average of 5 months following pollution controls, and the effect was greater in cities that had done more. The culprit pollutant in that case, PM2.5, is still with us, there is still room to extend life spans in cities throughout the US. Yes pollution still causes premature deaths of many thousands. The air is dramatically cleaner thought, due to strict laws that have incentivized the creation of filters, scrubbers, and catalytic converters, among other innovations. We've come far, and we've done it with action and pressure of all sorts --- lawsuits have been and will be a key part of this progress toward better air.