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Permaculture magazine
Friday, 13th February 2015

Editor of Permaculture magazine and co-founder of Permanent Publications will be speaking at the Permaculture Voices Conference in San Diego, USA this March, 2015.

Permaculture's editor, Maddy Harland is one of the keynote speakers at Permaculture Voices 2015.

Our editor will be speaking to the conference based in San Diego, USA on Friday 6th March, exploring how to design successful enterprises for people and the planet. With over 30 years experience of running an ethical business, Maddy will share how permaculture design is not just for gardens, but can be applied to business also with successful results. Maddy has been running ethical businesses since 1980 and publishing since 1990.

Maddy will be exploring and extending Joel Salatin's concept of 'fiefdoms' - designing multifunctional organisations that stack in space and time. It is a kind of zoning by importance, or primary, secondary, tertiary enterprises that operate from the same location. Maddy will discuss business as a metabolism and will explain how over the last 25 years she has applied this concept to her own work at Permaculture magazine, Permanent Publications and the Sustainability Centre ( where these businesses are based, all of which respresent diverse income streams that others can learn from and apply to their own lives.

Maddy is among an extensive list of permaculture experts and practictioners who will be speaking over the five days. World renowned mycologist Paul Stamets, permaculture teacher Toby Hemenway, teacher and activist Starhawk are just a few of those attending and sharing their knowledge.

Permaculture Voices (4-8th March 2015) is tackling 'Profitable Permaculture', exploring whether we can make a living from from a career that aligns with your values.

Bringing a range of practical and spiritual permaculture together in workshops, discussions and talks, Permaculture Voices want attendees to ask themselves and learn: "How can you fill needs and utilize yields to create more value in your life?" Learn from a wide range of permaculture people, from land based permaculture, urban, spiritual, social and economic.

Permaculture magazine and our own books (Permanent Publications) will be available at the event through Real Books, so please do come and take a look. We have a wide range from gardening and forest gardening, to permaculture design, low impact living and so much more.

Maddy would love to meet anyone attending so if you're interested, contact [email protected] to organise an appointment.

App.jpgOur Permaculture App will also be available for FREE throughout the whole event, so make the most of a sneaky peak at our inspiring and practical magazine.