Tolkien Inspired 'Circus' to Travel Scotland

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Monday, 13th April 2015

The Travellers of Elsewhere tour will visit Scotland in horse cart, reviving an ancient tradition.

Tolkien inspired circus performers are launching 'The Travellers of Elsewhere' tour.

The interactive and emmersive 'play' will tour Scottish woodlands through July and August 2015, celebrating the natural world. The tour is a recreation of the enchanted spaces found in Scottish fairy folklore when humans cross over into the Otherworld. 

The circus project will travel by horse and carriage, reviving an ancient and vanishing tradition.

Individual performances will promote discussion of environmental awareness and sustainable lifestyles in a way that is disarming and entertaining. The caravan and camp will offer a living example of a lifestyle that not only exists much closer to nature, but one that illustrates how the hallmarks of quality of life - creative expression, positive community, shared laughter, music, and celebration - are possible without dependence on sophisticated digital or mechanical technologies.

The performances will be held in local woodland spaces within easy walking distance of a town. The aim is to inspire appreciation and use of local green spaces. As more people take pleasure in nature, the greater the likelihood that Scotland's natural beauty will be preserved.

Inspired by the theories of JRR Tolkien and influenced by Scottish folklore, Scottish travelling culture, Victorian romanticism, and Celtic and Norse mythology, 'The Travellers of Elsewhere' will engage and captivate audiences, using a mix of circus, theatre, improvisation and storytelling to create something more akin to live cinema than a conventional play or circus.

Kenn Musso, the Director and Co-founder of Elsewhere Events explains: "We want to provide a space where diversity can find common ground. We aim to foster dialogue on important questions facing contemporary society between groups of individuals that would not otherwise interact. When they visit this small corner of Faerie, we are asking the audience to consider the awesome transformative power of their own imagination. Effecting positive change in one's personal life, in a community or wider society, begins with a clear vision, and a firm beliefthat the vision will become reality. A population with confidence in its own self-determination is fundamental to healthy society. Such a population is better equipped in find creative solutions to any challenge it faces."

To help this project succeed, you can support their crowdfunding campaign: 

For more information on the tour and for dates visit or

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brookehiggins007 |
Thu, 16/04/2015 - 08:16

visiting Scotland in horse cart for reviving an ancient tradition is very unique and exciting idea. The circus project travel by horse and carriage will revive an ancient and vanishing tradition.Such events should be arranged to keep traditions alive. Its is also necessary to provide easy parking solutions for foreigners.

Thu, 31/12/2015 - 11:14

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