The Energy Revolution at Hay-on-Wye Festival

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Tuesday, 13th May 2014

Howard Johns, author of forthcoming The Energy Revolution, will join leading renewable energy experts at Hay-on-Wye Festival 2014.

We are excited to announce that our author, Howard Johns, will be speaking at the amazing Hay-on-Wye Festival this May exploring community renewable energy.

Howard Johns is the author of The Energy Revolution: Your Guide to Repowering the Energy System, to be published this autumn. Howard Johns founded Southern Solar in 2012, which grew into one of the largest solar companies in the south of the UK. He served as chairman of the Solar Trade Association for five years, representing the industry in the media, as well as in parliamentary hearings and at national and international conferences. Howard led the development of his local energy company and was instrumental in raising funds to build the first community owned solar PV system in the UK. He is a vocal advocate for renewable energy and a champion of community energy.

Howard will be speaking at the Hay-on-Wye festival on May 31st at 9am on the Good Energy stage, and will be joined by Juliet Davenport from Good Energy, Mark Shorrock from Swansea's Tidal Lagoon Power scheme and Caplor Energy's Gareth Williams, to explore the need for an energy revolution within our communities, looking at both we consume energy and how we generate it needs to be improved.

Using stories and case studies from all over the world, Howard is writing a book that explains how we, the consumer, can become a 'prosumer' by creating independent renewable community energy systems that can make fracking, nuclear and coal redundant. Howard can prove it is not only possible to replace dirty power with clean energy but also cheaper and far safer.

Juliet Davenport is the CEO and founder of Good Energy. After working at the European Commission on European energy policy, Juliet came back to the UK to find no industry looking at low carbon technology. So in 1999 Juliet founded Unite, now Good Energy, to give people 100% renewable electricity. Now Good Energy also provide renewable gas.

Juliet began working with environmental consultancy Energy for Sustainable Development (ESD, now Camco) as a consultant running technology models and analysing policies on renewable energy from countries around Europe. Her aim was to try and discover why they were further along the path to a low carbon economy than the UK.

Mark Shorrock is CEO of Swansea's Tidal Lagoon Power scheme. He has worked in the renewable energy industry since 2002 and has recently been responsible for 25 solar farms within the UK. To date Mark has achieved planning consent on 25 renewable energy projects, 20 of which are already generating renewable energy. 

Gareth Williams has been a farmer all his life, being born and bred at Caplor Farm. He well recognised for his environmental work hitw several awards to him and Caplor Energy. He was Environment and Entrepreneur Champion at the Pride of Herefordshire awards in 2010 and 2012 and has been recognised by Jonathon Porritt, (Founding Director of Forum for the Future and Director of Friends of the Earth) in the top 50 green leaders in the West Midlands. Gareth has introduced biomass, solar PV, solar thermal and wind turbines to Caplor Farm which in turn led to Caplor Energy.

Hay Festival runs from May 22nd - June 1st and is packed with educational and inspirational debates, workshops and talks from a variety of writers, comedians, poets, scientists, artists, environmentalists and more. Using Bill Clinton's phrase to describe it, it is, 'The Woodstock of the mind'.

Amongst the guests for Hay-on-Wye 2014 are, Mary Berry, Johnny Vegas, Antonio Carluccio, Stephen Fry plus many more. Topics range from self-sufficiency, food and farming and forest management to poltics, literature art and so much more!

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