Surplus Food For Those in Need

Rozie Apps
Tuesday, 13th August 2013

A new project, Plan Zheroes, connects those without enough food to businesses who have surplus. With links to previous permaculture solutions to supermarket waste.

The project, Plan Zheroes: the Zero Food Waste Heroes, connects London food businesses with local charities to give their surplus food to those in need.

A new project in London is connecting surplus food with those in need, reducing the tonnes of food waste produced each year as well as providing vulnerable people with food. 

The project was inspired by the devastating figures in 2009, showing 1.6 million tonnes of surplus food is sent to landfill every year within the food industry, while four million people in the UK live below the breadline.

Plan Zheroes have created an online map that enables food retailers and charities to create profiles explaining what they have to give/what they need and how often they can supply/take in surplus food. With health and safety issues, food cannot be given away, so through the online map, charities and businesses can be better matched to their needs and supply.

The project began with a small team and big plan to make a positive impact on society.

Volunteers are always needed to inspire food businesses to donate their surplus so if you are interested in helping email planzheroes[at] 

If you are a business or charity who would like more information on registering for the online map, email planzheroes[at]

To find out more about the project visit 

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