Developing Regenerative Enterprises in Rural Kenya

PRI Kenya
Monday, 14th September 2015

The Permaculture Research Institute of Kenya (PRI-Kenya) work with farmers and women across rural regions to help them develop regenerative enterprises through permaculture systems. They need your help to join Global Giving, which will provide long term financial sustainability.

The Permaculture Research Institute of Kenya is launching a Global Giving Campaign to support its Permaculture & Regenerative Enterprise Programme.

This programme is an innovative approach to development with permaculture principles and ethics at its core, aiming to build sustainable livelihoods and food security whilst regenerating the environment in four different rural locations in Kenya.

The programme works with farmer's groups and women’s groups, helping them to develop small regenerative enterprises through development of permaculture agroforestry systems, where food crops and cash crops are intercropped in a mutually beneficial way. Food crops are primarily aimed to feed the farmers themselves and any surplus of fresh organic produce to be sold to the immediate community to ensure availability of nutrient rich, organic foods. For cash crops we focus on products for the emerging organic and health food market such as aloe, honey, moringa powder and oil, baobab powder, frankincense, sandalwood and coffee as well as the use of indigenous herbs and medicinal plants.

Our aim is to empower these farmer's groups and women’s groups to establish productive farms that can provide both fresh organic foods for themselves, their families and their communities, but also cash crops for income. We will provide training in permaculture techniques as well as value addition such as organic soap making; making tea out of aloe flowers; drying of moringa and baobab powder; pressing of oils and processing of honey and coffee etc. In addition we provide training on group dynamics, leadership, business and financial management to support them in setting up financially independent, regenerative enterprises. In this way we hope to see communities set up small enterprises that, according to permaculture ethics, provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

Our Global Giving campaign starts on September 1st and from that moment we have until the 15th of September to raise $5,000 from 40 different donors. That is just $125 USD. If we manage to raise more, there are additional cash bonuses. If we reach our goal we will be able to join Global Giving long term which will help our financial sustainability. You can help us by either pledging your support now by writing to [email protected], or by spreading the word and helping our campaign go viral!

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