World First! A Heated, Chemical Free Public Natural Swimming Pool

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Wednesday, 30th March 2016

Announcing the world's first freshwater natural swimming pool, open for the general public, that doesn't use plants to cleanse the water so it can be heated too.

The world’s first heated, chemical free, public pool is being created in Bathwick, UK. Yes Bathwick! You couldn't dream it up!

As part of a restoration scheme on the UK's only surviving Georgian open-air swimming pool, The Cleveland Pools will use a unique natural filtration system to keep the water clean for the public. The 25m Cleveland Pools are grade II listed, dating back to 1815.

The system from Clear Water Revival, uses microbial action instead of chemicals or plants, which will mean a plant filter zone won't be needed. The system will also enable the water to be heated up to around 28 degrees centigrade and for the pool to be covered to conserve heat and save energy.

The restored public pool will therefore be the first in the world to have a heated, freshwater, 100% chemical free swimming environment without the need for a planted filter zone.

Director Andrew Cox said, “The system uses natural processes instead of chemicals to keep the water crystal clear at all times. It uses friendly microorganisms and minerals to control levels of phosphorus, nitrogen and pH, resulting in chemical free, mineralised pool water.” He added that the long-term costs of their natural filtration methods are up to 10 times lower than the ongoing cost of running a chlorine pool.

Cleveland Pools project director Christopher Heath said, “The pools were originally designed as a river-fed freshwater pool and choosing the Clear Water Revival System means that we can restore the pool to its freshwater origins without compromising on the architectural design. We are delighted to be working with such a technologically advanced and environmentally sound company”.

For more information on Cleveland Pools and the renovation visit

For more information on Clear Water Revival Ltd visit

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