3 Free Places on Design for Social Change Workshop

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Friday, 25th November 2016

Three free places available on the 'Design for Social Change' workshop held in London on December 3rd.

What role can design play in social change and environmental justice? This day long workshop will offer a space for discussing theories and sharing principles and tactics that help ensure our work can be most creative, engaging and effective.

If you'd like to join us and Transition by Design, send 100 words on how this workshop will support your current campaigning and activism to [email protected].

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The day will consist of five sessions:

— Design like you give a damn: Design as creative problem-solving offers many potential solutions for the social and ecological challenges we currently face. We'll explore a value-led design approach that can be a means for challenging power structures and facilitating greater social and environmental justice.

— Embedding or designing at the edge: Shedding the designer-client or professional-layperson binaries and drawing on the knowledge and experiences of everyone.

— Reflective Practice: We start with our theory of how change happens. Then we take action based on our theory. Then we take a step back and reflect on how the action went, which re-shapes our theory.

— Case Study Focus: As a case study this session will focus on T/D’s work with community-led approaches to permanently affordable housing.

— Stage Zero For Your Project: A session to apply the theories, principles and tactics of the proceeding sessions to relevant projects.

The workshop is being held at CAN Mezzanine, 7-14 Great Dover St, London SE1 4YR, on December 3rd 2016, from 9:30-4pm.

What participants will leave with

— Conceptual understanding of stage zero design

— Tactics, tools and approaches

— Knowledge of case study examples

— Critical reflection on their design processes

— Will have participated in creating/developing their own design project

— Networking and building connections amongst socially engaged designers

Facilitator Profile

Transition by Design is a cross-disciplinary design co-operative operating at the junction of architecture, strategic design and social change practice.

Alex Towler, is an architect and strategic designer at T/D. Andy Edwards, is the community energy lead and strategic designer at T/D. They both also tutor at Oxford Brookes School of Architecture.

More information can be found on their LinkedIn profiles (Andy Alex)


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