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Thursday, 15th January 2015

Rosemary Morrow has been teaching permaculture for over 40 years. Now she wants to create a free space, removing financial hurdles, so any permaculture practitioner can learn to teach permaculture.

Over the last few years, permaculture teacher Rosemary Morrow has been holding courses for permaculture teachers.

After four decades of teaching permaculture across the globe, often in countries suffering from natural disasters or the devastation of war, Rosemary decided to focus on teaching permaculture practitioners to become teachers. Rosemary believes there is a shortage of competent permaculture teachers, so she created the Teaching Permaculture Teachers (TPT) course to give people the skills and confidence needed to take the big step from being a practitioner to becoming a teacher.

For this course to help permaculture practitioners become teachers, it needs to be accessible to everyone, especially those with little funds to pay for a course or the means to receive face-to-face teaching. So the TPT Platform team plan to make Rosemary's course and knowledge available online for free. This digital platform will share Rosemary's 40 years of experience, sharing videos, course material, books and recordings from Rosemary's teaching, all of which will be given Creative Commons license. 

The online platform will host videos of the classes recorded from Rosemary’s six day TPT course, as well as supplemental materials, links, energisers, and tools for teaching in general and permaculture in particular. People will be able to ask her questions and share information with other teachers in a forum.

There will be three sets of videos:

– The full course

– The course with a selection of the most important parts for those who are not going to need the full course

– The course edited to apply to anyone who wants to teach any subject, not just permaculture

There will also be a redesign for a free downloadable PDF of the book A Good Home Forever, as well as the editing and design of a handbook for teachers who want to teach Rowe’s TPT course made available to campaign donors and to past and future TPT course participants. The TPT course can be taught by any graduate who feels capable of teaching it, for which the handbook will be indispensable.

To enable these videos to be processed and the material to be uploaded to the site, the group have created a crowdfunder. To find out more and to support this project visit

Further resources

Rosemary Morrow is the author of Earth User's Guide to Permaculture and Earth User's Guide to Teaching Permaculture

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Aussie Donna |
Sat, 17/01/2015 - 08:20

This is a wonderful idea and really does embrace the Permaculture ethos of "fair share". As a novice permaculturist and low income earner the possibility of being able to do a course like this for free is nothing short of amazing. Thank you Rosemary Morrow for your generosity. I will definitely be looking into this further because while I have embraced permaculture, I don't really intend to become a teacher but my friends are keen to learn more and it would be great to be in a position to confidently share what I learn.