Whistlewood Common – invest in a new type of productive woodland

Sarah Spencer
Thursday, 15th August 2013

Whistlewood Common are using permaculture principles to create and design a woodland space for everyone. Buy a share and help sustainably manage a community owned woodland.

What if our communities owned land to create woodland spaces where we could grow our own food, spend time outdoors, learn new skills and celebrate with our family and friends? 

A group in Melbourne, South Derbyshire want to purchase land on Melbourne Common to do just that.

Together we can create a visionary model of low-input, high-yield woodland food production; create jobs and opportunities and establish a space where people can meet, learn and celebrate. The site will showcase agro-forestry methods, such as orchards, forest garden and perennial food production.

The project has been initiated by Melbourne Area Transition UK, who have a proven track record in community activities, and along with many other local people, have the drive and enthusiasm to make it work! Melbourne Area Transition stive for practical ways to make their area more resilient in the face of peak oil, climate change and economic uncertainty.

Whistlewood Common Limited is an Industrial and Provident Society, which operates on a non-for-profit basis for the benefit of the community. It has been set up to purchase the land and develop the opportunities that arise from it.

The Society's plans have so impressed the National Forest Company that they have offered a grant of over £50,000, and the remaining £50,000 is to be raised from a community share offer which is now open and hoping to attract investors interested in supporting this exciting scheme.

The shares are withdrawable but non-transferrable and by purchasing a share you become a member of the society and have a say in how it is run. Shares cost £1, with the minimum purchase being £50 and the maximum £20,000. The share issue closes at the end of September 2013 so we would love to hear from you soon. 

To find out more visit www.whistlewoodcommon.org or find them on Twitter @ediblewoods

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