Renewable Energy Generation Hits All Time Highs in Denmark and Germany

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Friday, 15th November 2013

Denmark's and Germany's wind and solar electricity generation is peaking, covering much of their countries' need, setting the trend for renewable energy systems that do not cost the Earth.

In the last month, solar and wind energy has been reaching record breaking figures in some countries in Europe.

On November 4th this year, Denmark's wind turbines covered 122% of the countries demand for electricity. 

"This is the highest registered figure so far," says Preben Maegaard, director of the Nordic Folkcenter for Renewable Energy.

A month before on October 3rd, Germany's renewable energy peaked at 59.1% with a combination of solar and wind. Across the entire day, 36% of total electricity generation was achieved, with solar contributing 11% at 20.5 gigawatts at its peak.

"It was around midday on October 3, which just happened to be Germany's annual Reunification Day holiday, when the sun was at its fullest and the significant peak was reached. Over the entire day, 36.4% of total electricity generation was achieved with solar and wind power; solar panels contributed 11.2% on their own. At its peak, solar accounted for 20.5 gigawatts.

"Although the electrical grid withstood the large amount of renewable energy flowing to it, you'll be pleased to know that electricity prices also dived. A drop in demand from big, conventional power plants led the electricity price index at 2:00pm to 2.75 cents per kilowatt hour. The index covers Germany, Austria, France, and Switzerland.

"So there you have it. A country as large and industrialized as Germany can and did operate successfully, albeit on a national holiday, using a large percentage of renewable energy. And this is only the beginning," comments Jim Winstead.

These surges not only showed that renewable energy can supply energy needs, but neither power grids broke down under the surge.

How different is Britain with its plans to build more nuclear reactors in partnership with China and France and continue backing the Big Six energy companies who produce dirty, expensive energy? Currently in Britain, for every 100 unit generated by coal and gas fired stations, 61.5 units are lost through inefficient generation and heat wastage. We need a localised energy revolution.

Things You Can Do

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Preben Maegaard, director of the Nordic Folkcenter for Renewable Energy