Jobs Available with Ecological Land Coop

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Wednesday, 9th December 2020

Five part-time positions are available at the Ecological Land Coop, who work hard to provide affordable land to new entrant regenerative farmers.

The Ecological Land Cooperative's (ELC) mission is to provide access to land for new entrant farmers wanting to create land based enterprises on small scale agroecological farms - where they can live and work in a low impact way. The ELC is recruiting for FIVE roles:
Find all the job descriptions and info on how to apply at

About ELC

The Ecological Land Cooperative develops affordable, low impact, smallholdings for ecological agriculture. The high costs of land and rural housing make it nearly impossible for new entrants to farming to establish a farm business. By providing affordable and secure smallholdings, we are helping to address this crisis. 

Determined to turn good ideas into reality, to have a positive influence and to give hope to those choosing to live sustainably, we have designed a model for creating affordable, ecological smallholdings. Having successfully developed our first cluster of farms in Mid Devon, we have begun work on our second site in East Sussex and purchased our third site on the Gower.

We show that small-scale ecological farming CAN work in today’s economy. Sustainably managed smallholdings provide low-impact livelihoods, regenerate land and produce good, healthy food for local communities, increasing sustainability and resilience, and improving ecology and biodiversity for future generations.     

By supporting new entrants into ecological agriculture we help revitalise rural communities. We want to see a living, working countryside where land is valued as a way to enhance the good of communities and the natural world.

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