Building a Timber Roundhouse on BBC2

Rozie Apps
Wednesday, 16th October 2013

Tonight's BBC BBC2's 'The House that £100k Built' series features a low impact roundhouse sourced from local materials rather than a boring box made from highly manufactured shiny stuff. Well worth a watch!

Self-sufficiency and sustainability appear on TV tonight, with the build of a timber roundhouse on BBC2's The House that £100k Built series.

Home renovation programmes are hugely popular at the moment. Due to the economic situation, it is getting harder for people to get on to the property ladder as well as upgrading their homes as their families grow. So more and more people are choosing to renovate or build their own homes as the cheaper option.

These renovation programmes give insight into cheaper home options as well as the challenges involved. Many, however, tend to be at a high environmental price due to the cheapest materials being the least sustainable, in terms of the materials used or that they are imported from far off places.

But featured in this series is a good example of an affordable home that is also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Tonight's episode shares the experiences of Jane and Andy, who have bought a plot of land in an eco-community in west Wales. They are building a timber roundhouse to begin their lives of self-sufficiency, using locally sourced materials to create their sustainable home.

The roundhouse has been popularised by Tony Wrench, author of Building a Low Impact Roundhouse. Tony incorporated the roundhouse in his concept of permaculture land; a sustainable way of life which includes building your own home from local materials, using appropriate technology and growing your own food and timber.

This way of living has spread across the world as a solution to the ever-changing effects of climate change and the economy.

The sustainable self-build by Ben Law, which featured on the renovation series, Grand Design, gave another example of building an environmentally friendly home from local materials on a small budget.

So tune in tonight at 8.00pm on BBC2 and learn more about building your own sustainable and locally sourced home. 

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