International Day Of Action To Defend The Amazon

Tony Rollinson
Wednesday, 17th August 2011

A peaceful protest against the Brazilian Government’s proposal for a huge dam at Belo Monte is planned for Monday 22nd August 2011. Of course, any protest in central London is currently hugely sensitive, but is this issue so important that no one can ignore it? Have a read, watch the one minute film below, and make up your own mind.

Eyes Of Gaia are the organizers of a wholly peaceful protest calling for everyone to support the people of the Amazon. The Brazilian Government is proposing to build 60 giant dams and flood the heart of the Amazon rainforest. This would threaten 40,000 indigenous people who have lived in harmony with the jungle since time immemorial. It would also endanger many species and detrimentally contribute to global climate change.

The director and stars of the Oscar winning film Avatar are supporting this protest. The London protest runs from 1pm-4pm at the Brazilian Embassy, 32 Green Street, London. It is hoped that supporters will paint their faces blue like characters from the film in an effort to attract the world's media and raise awareness of the issue.

Organisers are asking people to watch this one minute Amazon film it offers a clear picture of the proposed plans.

If you can't make it to the protest, please forward this petition to any friends who would support the protest.

The protest is truly international and the site for worldwide networking is this Facebook Page.

Peaceful action can work. Issues like this should make us question what is really important. We all need to understand, all over the planet, the importance of the Amazon. 


Permaculture magazine issue 64 (summer 2010) Avatar is our first 'deep ecology' blockbuster film. Chris Johnstone explains why it can be a powerful motivator for positive change. 

Permaculture magazine issue 50 (winter 2006) The story of Terra Preta, the highly fertile self-sustaining 'black earth' of the Amazon.