The Top 5 Permaculture News Stories this week

Permaculture Magazine
Friday, 17th August 2012

What a week! With the Olympics now sadly over we present to you our top 5 permaculture news stories of this week from around the world (Saturday 11th – Friday 17th). Read all about pop star Mika and his musical vegetables, the latest from the Permaculture Convergence 2012 and an inspiring permaculture film that we think everyone should see.

1. Not only do we recommend you attend the Permaculture Association 2012 Convergence, held 24 – 26 August 2012 at Coed Hills Rural Art Space in South Wales, but we also think it is worth mentioning that Ian Lillington is the lastest edition to the impressive line-up. Ian is an author and permaculture activist from Castlemaine, Australia. He works as an educator and designer of sustainable homes and land systems and is involved with the Mount Alexander Sustainability Group, the Growing Abundance permaculture project, the Local Transition Project, and with teaching Permaculture Courses. In 2007, he published The Holistic Life – a Beginners’ Guide to Permaculture and is also one of thirty permaculturists that have co-written Permaculture Pioneers which will have its UK launch at this year's Convergence.


2. We have also been re-sent this link to the film Anima Mundi: Permaculture, Peak Oil, Climate Change and the Soul of the World and it reminded us what an important message it contains; that permaculture is much more than just growing fruit and vegetables, it is a whole view incorporating the environment, the arts, spirituality, and agriculture. Anima Mundi means 'the world soul' and it looks at the world from a Gaian view point. The film features the likes of David Holmgren, John SeedDr Vandana ShivaNoam Chomsky and more. Anima Mundi showcases alternative approaches to low-carbon living, localized food production and currencies. As a film it fits within many permaculture principles; it has a very low embodied energy, it took minimal resources to produce, and it was made with what was local to the director. If your interested in ordering a copy and finding out more click here.



3. We don't know about throwing money down the loo but Bill Gates is throwing his money into loo technology and looking at alternatives to flushing toilets that waste gallons of water. His Charitable Trust hosted a fair in Seattle this week named 'Reinvent the Toilet'.  The aim is that the new toilets will aid world sanitation and be used in third world countries where access to water and sewerage treatments are not available. On a smaller scale, read our own Permaculture article if you are interested in building your own composting loo with a view.


4. We are trying to help our friends at the very special Buddhafield Festival who are putting out this appeal. As you know, it's been an incredibly wet year. Those of you who went to the festival this year will have survived the mud, but due to the conditions the organisers spent about £10,000 more onsite than expected to keep everything afloat. Can you help them make-up the shortfall? If 2,500 people gave just £4 each then they will recoup the costs straight away. If every person who has liked their Facebook page gave £3 they'd be home and dry, excuse the pun! To donate, please text 70070 on your mobile adding the code budd24 to your message and then your donation amount of: £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10. If you would like to give more, they would be delighted, though £30 is the most you can give in one day, using 3 x £10 texts. Or donate via Paypal on their Home Page.


5. And finally we just HAVE to share with you a few video clips. Firstly, you must check out this short and fun documentary with international popstar Mika, and his vegetable orchestra! Mika was given just 24 hours to record his new single using vegetables and junk as his musical accompaniment; how very permaculture!

We also thought we should end the week with a smile - and what better way to do that then with this video of our members of Team GB from the Olympics miming to Queen's - 'Don't Stop Me Know'. If you haven't seen it already its worth a watch! It had us here at Permaculture Magazine HQ singing our hearts out. View our recent post HERE to hear our pick of music with an environmental theme.

Happy Weekend!

The Permaculture Team. x