Permaculture Garden Wins Gold Medal

Anni Kelsey
Monday, 17th August 2015

'Edible Perennial Gardening' author Anni Kelsey and a team of permaculture gardeners won a gold medal at the Shrewsbury Flower Show this weekend.

A group of permaculture gardeners from Shropshire won a gold medal at the prestigious Shrewsbury Flower Show this weekend.

Mark Stefan of Design with Nature ( designed the garden using a spiral based on the mathematical 'golden section' (as found repeatedly in natural formations from sunflowers to snails to galaxies). This put nature firmly at the heart of the garden and provided an incredibly beautiful shape to plant around. It also generated many interesting and attractive perspectives to view the finished garden. 

All the materials used were natural, locally sourced and sustainable and the garden was built on a budget of less than £600. Virtually every plant in the garden was edible and home grown. Fruit, annual and perennial vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers were planted in polycultures. 

We were confident that we had a good design but as first timers we needed to do it to see how it would actually work out. Despite some hitches and delays (which are probably inevitable with this kind of project) we finished on time and were absolutely delighted with the result. 

There was lots of interest from the public and from gardening professionals and also plenty of opportunities to explain more about permaculture, what we grew, why and how. The award of a gold medal was the icing on a very, very good cake. This was a big challenge to take on and we were so thrilled with the outcome.



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Rima Rathi |
Wed, 19/08/2015 - 06:33

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