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Monday, 18th August 2014

Looby Macnamara, author and permaculture teacher has a new course based on her latest book, 7 Ways to Think Differently.

Permaculture teacher and author Looby Macnamara has a new course available in collaboration with her latest book, 7 Ways to Think Differently.

The thoughts and actions of people past and present have determined the current state of our planet. If we change our thinking, we can change the health of our own lives, and also the future state of our world.

This exciting new course has been developed by Looby Macnamara, author of People and Permaculture and her latest book, 7 Ways to Think Differently.

This course will be an experiential journey through the 7 ways. It is designed to help us grow, shift through old patterns and beliefs, and support us in manifesting our dreams.

During the course, focus on how mankind can dedicate our energy to finding solutions for ourselves and the world, looking at how we can improve all aspects of our lives. The 7 ways have evolved from permaculture thinking and the Work That Reconnects. The synergy of these 2 approaches is potent medicine for a world full of challenges. And this course will incorporate activities from both People and Permaculture and the Work That Reconnects. 

This will be a richly nourishing, empowering and truly life transforming course. Everyone is welcome - there are no prerequisites for this course, or any previous knowledge assumed.

For more information about the course and for costs, visit www.designedvisions.com

Join Looby Macnamara, Peter Cow and Kerry Lane for an imaginative and playful adventure into shifting our own thinking to support a thriving present and future for ourselves and humanity. The course runs from 8th-12th September at Gilwell Park, London. (Just before the UK convergence at the same site).

Further resources

7 Ways to Think Differently by Looby Macnamara is available from our Green Shopping site, alternatively, for a signed copy visit www.spiralsofabundance.com


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