Free e-course on Regenerative Agriculture by Joel Salatin

Rozie Apps
Tuesday, 19th March 2013

An amazing opportunity to learn for free from the famous and pioneering 'lunatic farmer', Joel Salatin.

Verge Permaculture in Calgary, Canada, are offering an amazing and free, six day online course teaching the wisdoms of Joel Salatin, an expert in organic farming. The Lunatic Farming e-course, features priceless snippets from an exclusive interview with the 'lunatic farmer' along with answers to six wise and witty questions including; How new farmers can get started, the three main do's and don'ts of a new farmer and what is farming the way nature intended? 

Joel Salatin is an American farmer who uses hollistic methods to raise livestock without using harmful chemicals. His methods are ecologically and environmentally responsible and sustainable. He is loved for not being easily swayed by mainstream trends and recognised by many for his refusal to supply food out of a four hour radius from his farm, which he calls his local 'foodshed'.

He is internationally known for his organic methods, with a great deal of experience and knowledge. Salatin's farming emphasises on healthy grass which the livestock can thrive on. Cows are moved between pastures, instead of being fed corn, and then followed by the chicken tractor, digging through the cow dung for larvae whilst also fertilising the pasture with their droppings. He sells his organic meat to restaurants and customers directly and spends a third of the year lecturing at colleges and environmental groups. His techniques are admired by many advocates of regenerative ariculture practices.

This free e-course gives the opportunity to everyone in all countries to learn from Joel. Verge Permaculture will also be hosting Joel's workshops on March 20th which have spaces available. They will also be available through live-streaming.

Visit to find out about the e-course and the workshops.

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