Want to Learn How to Build a Low Impact Den?

Monday, 21st January 2013

Low Impact builders are building a den for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer, Gillian McCarthy. Learn low impact building skills totally for free and help save a life

Low Impact builder, Tony Wrench, and his friends are building a den for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity sufferer, Gillian McCarthy who has been failed by her local council and currently resides in a freezing shack. (For the full story click HERE.) A warm, chemical-free shelter built from entirely natural materials will save her life. Money for these materials is being donated by well wishers but the builders are asking for volunteers.

This is a unique opportunity to learn low impact building skills totally for free from Tony, who is famous for building a low impact roundhouse in Pembrokeshire National Park and eventually getting retorpective planning for his home after a long fight. He and others have helped set a precedent for Low Impact Development in Wales.

Want to get involved? Come down to Somerset and give some time to a really deserving project.

Richard Andersen, the project co-ordinator, says, "Currently we have a round-wood timber frame, a stone/cob stem wall, floor insulation (but no floor yet) and the purlins are being installed as we speak.

"The jobs left to do include:
- finish purlins
- attach reed-mat ceiling
- insulate, damp proof, cover ceiling
- make cob / earth plaster / lime plaster
- build straw bale walls
- plaster walls and ceiling
- make cob / sand / stone floor with underfloor heating
- install door and windows
- install underfloor heating system

"This would be a great opportunity for anyone wanting to learn about natural building materials and chemical free living environments. No previous experience is required, although we also welcome anyone wanting to bring knowledge or expertise they'd like to share with us."

The project are providing food and accommodation are provided and they will reimburse your travel expenses (within reason).

Please contact Richard on 07748150161 or richard [at] luximages.co.uk if you are interested and let them know what dates you are available. 

Plea for temporary accommodation for Eco build crew in Somerset

Gillian's Chemical Respite Shelter is coming along nicely (see the Facebook group for more information). There are plenty of volunteers but the team is losing their accommodation next week and are looking for either a place nearby (Shepton Montague, Castle Cary, Bruton, etc.) where we can cook and sleep, or a mobile shelter such as a caravan or large tent that can be heated with a wood burning stove, which we can erect on site. They will cover any expenses you might incur from helping us, such as utility bills if we stay at your house.

They expect to be finished by mid- to end of February, and will need to accommodate between 4 and 7 people at any one time from the 28th January. If you can help or think you know someone who might be able to help us they would be very grateful. Please contact Richard on 07748150161 or richard [at] luximages.co.uk

For more information on the benefits of roundhouse design and how to build your own, see Tony Wrench's Building a Low Impact Roundhouse.

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