Dropping climate change from the national curriculum

Rozie Apps
Thursday, 21st March 2013

Sign the petition against the UK Government's plan to remove climate change from the national curriculum.

Children are the future.

But the future is looking bleak. The UK Government are planning to remove the study of climate change from the national curriculum for children under 14.

Education is about preparing children for their futures. Helping them understand at a young age the world around them so that when they become old enough they can be a part of that world. So they can make important decisions that will affect their future.

Climate change is a huge part of that future and will only become more important. We learn every day how urgent action needs to be taken. It needs to be recognised that climate change affects every person on this earth. That we all have to take action.

This plan from 'the greenest government ever' takes away important information that will leave children ill prepared for the world in which they will grow up.

15 year-old Esha Marwaha has set up a petition to keep climate change on the National Curriculum.

Sign the petition to keep climate change as part of children's education here.


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Read the 'alternative route' to addressing climate change by Nicholas Stern, who is a British economist and Chair of Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment.

Using Permaculture Principles to Become a Better Teacher 

BenjaminJeffy |
Mon, 25/03/2013 - 12:54

Global warming is a big problem these days.All the waste material must be recycled and then it should be used again.