Why UK Government's Proposed £420 Billion Subsidy is Nuclear Madness

Donnachadh McCarthy
Tuesday, 22nd October 2013

UK Government have proposed a £420 billion (minimum) subsidy for a French/Chinese consortium to build 12 nuclear production plants. We publish former Deputy Chair of the Liberal Democrats, Donnachadh McCarthy's letter giving 16 persuasive reasons why this is a both ecological and economic madness.

Former Deputy Chair of the Liberal Democrats, Donnachadh McCarthy, has written directly to Lib Dem DECC Secretary of State Ed Davey

Dear Ed ,

I hope this finds you well?

Re: Nuclear assault on Poor, Workers and UK Economy

I could hardly sleep last night thinking about the enormity of the crime committed yesterday by you, George Osborne and Ed Miliband over your agreement to massively subsidise China and EDF to build poisonous nuclear plants in the UK.

The proposed £420 billion (minimum) subsidy for 12 nuclear poison-production plants, would have created huge employment in the UK's energy efficiency and renewables industries.

This nuclear subsidy will to go to foreign firms as we no longer have the technological capacity in this old 1950s dirty technology.

This figure does not include the massive free open-ended blank cheque for free insurance to the French/Chinese consortium nor the increase in subsidy if/when renewables fall below current grid-price.

Thus the decision was a direct attack on UK workers with thousands of jobs sent overseas.

Secondly the decision means millions of the UK poor who could have had their energy bills eliminated through energy efficiency and home and decentralised renewables will now be kept in fuel-poverty for another generation.

Yesterday's announcement of the tearing up of the Lib Dem and Tory manifesto promises, and the coalition agreement for no subsidies to nuclear was accompanied by no basic cost/benefit analysis.

Where is the comparison for jobs created, carbon saved, fuel poverty eliminated and UK jobs created by investing £420 billion in nuclear poison creation v energy efficiency/regulation/renewables?!

Any responsible political party not in the pockets of their in-house party nuclear-lobbyists, would carry out such an independent analysis and publish it for scrutiny.

But the sorry fact is we have no such party of government - as all 3 parties are infected with internal bought nuclear lobbyists.

The list of other reasons why yesterday should be marked as a black day for the UK and its people is overwhelming:

* Nowhere to store the nuclear poisons
* Nuclear poisons will have to be stored "safely" for generations to come
* Over 90% of DECC (The Department of Energy and Climate Change) budget already consumed with storing / dealing with already produced nuclear poisons, with costs escalating every year, with no end in sight to this inflation.
* 1 in 100 nuclear plants have disastrously failed
* the nuclear plants proposed is a new unproven design
* the nuclear plants proposed are already years behind in Finland and France
* the nuclear plants proposed are already billions over budget in Finland and France
* Safe reliable existing alternative technologies already exist
* France, Germany and Italy all have rejected this 1950s technology and are pursuing renewables and energy efficiency instead thus creating thousands of jobs for their citizens
* Nuclear plays an irresponsible catastrophic Russian Roulette with our nation. A Fukushima catastrophe in Somerset would cause permanent evacuation of large areas of the county
* A Fukushima in Somerset would destroy offshore fishing industry of UK, Ireland and Scotland
* Nuclear power stations are a national existential terrorist security risk - the costs of making them safe from a Jumbo Jet suicide mission is enormous
* Many of the nuclear power stations are being built on low-lying coastal land that cannot be protected without huge costs to future generations, from the sea levels now inexorably rising due to the climate crisis
* The Glinsk renewable energy storage project in Ireland has the capacity of 2 nuclear power stations without any of the over-whelming risks and disadvantages above
* Every day of the week in my work as an eco-auditor, I encounter colossal waste of energy, from pointless daylight lighting to energy systems on in offices 24/7 to innumerable empty fridges to air-conditioned stores with wide open doors.

I am in no doubt you are building nuclear power stations to provide energy to be criminally wasted.

The list goes on and on. This is one of the largest ever criminal attacks on the UK state and the UK public by The Prostitute State.

Could I implore you to re-think this disastrous nightmarish decision and respect the promise to oppose nuclear white-elephants that you made each time you stood for election?

Yours sincerely

Donnachadh McCarthy FRSA 

Donnachadh says: Please engage with your local MPs or those whom you know on this hugely important issue. Please feel free to use the letter I sent to Ed Davey as a basis if you wish.

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