Win Festival Tickets With Permaculture Magazine - Plus News Of Other Permaculture Winners

Tony Rollinson
Friday, 24th February 2012

You still have until the end of February 2012 to win tickets for four of the UK's 2012 festivals with Permaculture Magazine Issue 71. All the details are below, as is the announcement of who won our Rapanui (recently featured on the BBC's Countryfile programme) eco-clothing competition from the previous issue. Finally, we also have some news on the local shop that woodsman Ben Law and his village community built, as the Lodsworth Larder has won more national recognition.

Yes, you do still have time to win tickets for four of the UK's 2012 festivals with Permaculture Magazine. Simply pick-up your copy of Issue 71, turn to page 71 email in your answer before the end of February and you could be attending the Shambala Festival, The London Permaculture Festival, the South Downs Green Fair or The Green Gathering 2012

Eco-Clothing Competition Winners

Here are the names of the winners of the Rapanui eco-clothing competition in Permaculture Magazine Issue 70:

1st prize was a Rapanui Hoodie and the winner was Jane Stringall of Luton. Well done to her, the hoodies from this company are great.

2nd prize was a Rapanui Eco-Tee, with the winner being Barbara Staples of Birmingham 

3rd prize was a pair of Rananui socks, and Rosemarie Moore of Essex won those. 

It is encouraging to see more and more companies with sustainable ethics coming to the permaculture community and offering our readers the chance to win great prizes, or receive fab money saving offers. Again, see the current issue for details of offers which take in green energy deals, the Just Do It DVD documentary, as well as our own 25% OFF offer on permaculture books.

The Lodsworth Larder

Finally, woodsman Ben Law's building The Lodsworth Larder has won its 9th award, this time as was part of The Telegraph's annual Best Small Shops in Britain Awards (this link is an inspiring look at all the winners). The Larder was chosen as the Best Corner Shop by Paul Davies, The Telegraph's assistant editor. Paul sites the Larder as being "unique among our winners in that its aim is not to make a profit, but to make life easier and better for the people who live near it. This is more than a lovely shop in a lovely village. It's an embodiment of civic pride."

If you know of any permaculture projects that have won an award then please do share that with us. We are happy to hear about any success stories from the UK, USA and indeed worldwide.

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