Great Reception for New Book on Edible Perennial Gardening

Rory Prendergast
Monday, 24th March 2014

'Edible Perennial Gardening', Anni Kelsey's new growing book has garnered positive reviews ahead of launch at The Edible Garden Show.

Anni Kelsey's first book Edible Perennial Gardening is receiving great reviews from some eminent people such as permaculture author, Patrick Whitefield, Agroforestry Research Trust founder, Martin Crawford and the edible forest gardener, Eric Toensmeier. Their feedback is in advance of the book's launch at the Edible Garden Show (28th-30th March) in London where the author will be speaking. The book details the many ways to grow perennials in low-maintenance polycultures, an ideal method for small urban or rural gardeners to grow year round delicious, unusual edibles that look beautiful too.  

Anni has been an avid practitioner of permaculture techniques since she left Aberystwyth University in 1990. She has maintained a blog since 2011 which details her work in creating a low-maintenance forest garden which nevertheless produces bountiful quantities of healthy vegetables. As Patrick Whitefield, permaculture teacher and author of The Earth Care Manual, writes "Follow her into the garden - abundance awaits you."

Anni's blog describes how she has managed to produce such impressive yields whilst she has, in her own words, "less than refined horticultural skills" and a garden "hardly ideal for 'normal vegetables' anyway". Modesty aside, her knowledge and experience in this area are very apparent and is part of the reason a number of figures are lining up to praise her. "This wonderful guide is a bible," writes Michael Kelly, author, broadcaster and founder of Grow it Yourself. Here are some of the other great reviews of Edible Perennial Gardening:

Martin Crawford, director of the Agroforestry Trust and author of Creating a Forest Garden:

"This is a valuable addition to the literature on growing perennial vegetables. The author’s experiences of creating and maintaining polycultures are a great guide and inspiration to this challenging aspect of edible perennial gardening."

Mark Diacono, experimental-gardener, journalist and author of A Year at Otter Farm

"I love Anni's book. She's taken traditional 'big space' ideas and approaches and brought them alive on a domestic scale where most gardeners operate ... A must-have for forward thinking gardeners."

The Edible Garden Show is open from 28-30th March at Alexandra Palace, London: 

This mainstream event is packed with stalls, workshops and talks from a wide range of gardeners and cooks, many of whom are cutting edge in so many ways. We are excited to see permaculture a part of this. Come along and meet Anni Kelsey, our editor Maddy Harland, Juliet Kemp, author of Permaculture in Pots and Carl Legge, author of The Permaculture Kitchen.

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Anni Kelsey is the author of Edible Perennial Gardening: Growing Successful Polycultures in Small Spaces out now! Buy now for the special offer of £11.21 from our sister site, Green Shopping.

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