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Tuesday, 25th February 2014

Embrace the Change will be a live conference, connecting people from across the world with speakers and debates sharing solutions for a better future. Meet our editor, Maddy Harland, and a host of other great speakers at this event!

A live and interactive webcast with a focus on answers, not problems, on Thursday 27th March 2014.

Embrace The Change is about changing our world for the better. With two events, Embrace the Change aim to show everyone that we can all change the future, whether we are one person or a group. 

The first event taking place at Southampton Solent University's Conference Centre, will share local projects that have made big changes. Amongst the speakers are our very own editor Maddy Harland of Permaculture magazine and Christine Seaward, Chief Executive of the Sustainability Centre, the educational centre which is where we are based in the Hampshire South Downs.

They will be sharing their experiences in changing the future for the better. Other speakers include Jani Frank from the Art House, Richard Barnett from Transition New Forest and Rice Up Wholefoods and William Bloom, co-director of the Holistic Spirituality. From 1-5pm, the event is free to everyone but it is advised to book early, as places are limited.

Included in the day will be a marketplace of local organisations plus free kids workshops. A free vegetarian/vegan lunch is available for ticket holders.

The evening event will include speakers and an open debate, all of which will be streamed live online, so that anyone in the world can join in. The aim is to bring us all together, to become a global community seeking solutions for the future.

Key speakers will present short talks on topics such as: economy, environment, media and how individuals can make a difference, with guests such as Charles Eisenstein who will be connecting through Skype and Seán Dagan Wood, editor of Positive News, who will appear on the panel. Tickets are free but places are limited so book early or watch online.

The focus of Embrace the Change is solutions - how to make change happen, how together we can influence society towards a better future for everyone.

We need to come together with all we have learnt and create the solutions to the big problems our society is facing.

The team behind Embrace the change, named Global Documentary, have also put together an inspiring and powerful film called Connected, to share the importance of us coming together and changing the future. You can watch this below.

To find out more about Embrace the Change visit www.globaldocumentary.org

Further resources

Connected -  be an agent of change

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