Ask the Experts for Permaculture Month

Permaculture magazine
Tuesday, 28th April 2015

Permaculture practitioners and experts answer your questions for Permaculture Month! What do you want to know from Stephen Barstow, Toby Hemenway, Eric Toensmeier and more?

Our friends over at Chelsea Green Publishing in the USA are celebrating Permaculture in May.

In honour of Permaculture Month, Chelsea Green have selected a knowledgeable and amazing list of experts to answer your permaculture questions, including our very own authors, Stephen Barstow and Anni Kelsey.

The Experts

The participating authors are:

Stephen Barstow, plant specialist and our latest author of the indepth Around the World in 80 Plants

Anni Kelsey, author of one of our best selling books, Edible Perennial Gardening

Toby Hemenway, a permaculture teacher and a Chelsea Green author of the bestseller Gaia’s Garden 

Eric Toensmeier, practitioner and author of the award-winning Perennial Vegetables and the latest Paradise Lot

Josh Trought (The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm), founder of D Acres - an ecologically designed educational center in New Hampshire (see PM84 for a review of this book)

Olivia Rathbone (The Occidental Arts and Ecology Center Cookbook), kitchen manager for one of the most successful and established permaculture sites in the word

Steve Gabriel (Farming the Woods), co-founder of the Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute and forest farming extraordinaire

Tao Orion (Beyond the War on Invasive Species), permaculture design teacher at Oregon State University and active in ecosystem restoration.

To send your question, either to a specific author or any general question, VISIT HERE.