Brand New Issue of Permaculture and The Moneyless Manifesto Now Available!

Permaculture Magazine
Monday, 29th October 2012

The new Permaculture magazine is out today! Issue 74 also coincides with the release of Mark Boyle's long awaited The Moneyless Manifesto

In this issue, Mark Boyle describes how we can free ourselves from that ravenous beast – The Economy, Cathy Ashley takes us on a tour of her permaculture home – an 'evolving' council house on a quest to become a farm and Rebecca Huntley explains the fundementals of WWOOFING having tried her hand at range of jobs on organic farms and gardens, while travelling on a budget. Click here to see what else is included in permaculture issue 74! Also available in PDF format. 

Mark Boyle Presents The Moneyless Manifesto

In this new book, the Moneyless Man, ex-businessman Mark Boyle, not only demystifies money and the system that binds us to it, he also explains how liberating, easy and enjoyable it is to live with less of it. Mark's original, witty style will help simplify and diversify your personal economy, freeing you from the invisible ties that limit you, and make you more resilient to financial shocks. The Moneyless Manifesto will enable you to start your journey into a new world. 

There is currently 25% OFF when you order the book from our website p&p free (UK only) until 31st December 2012. The e-book edition is also available from here.

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