Wild Fermenter Sandor Katz Coming to Europe

Rory Prendergast
Sunday, 30th March 2014

Sandor Katz, author of bestselling 'The Art of Fermentation' will be speaking, signing and performing workshops across the British Isles.

Sandor Katz, do-it-yourself food activist and author of Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation is embarking on a tour of British culinary and lifestyle festivals.

He will be appearing throughout May at a range of places including the Ballymaloe Literary Festival, River Cottage Annual Food Festival and Books for Cooks. Wild Fermentation was published in 2003 and since then the author has been a regular fixture at colleges, universities and festivals across the world, but particularly in his native United States where he travels extensively to educate at workshops and talks.

He has also published: The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved and The Art of Fermentation. All three of his books cover the myriad ways delicious and versatile products can be created. The Art of Fermentation has perhaps his largest variety of fermented goods ever, from sauerkraut, wines and beers to more exotic fare such as Kvass (a refreshing Russian beverage made from bread), Nare Zushi (a Japanese ferment of salted fish) and Merissa (a Sudanese toasted sourghum beer). There are also sections detailing the ways in which fermenting can be of use in commerce, healthcare, fuel and artwork.

Sandor has made it his life and joy to meet and educate people about his craft and he will be appearing at these festivals and events in May, for more details on all of the festivals click here. Or view individual websites below:

Friday 16th - 18th May - Ballymaloe LitFest- County Cork, Ireland (Group Discussions)

Wednesday 21th May - Books for Cooks- London, United Kingdom (Talk and Signing)

Thursday 22nd - Friday 23rd May - Weston A. Price Foundation- London, United Kingdom (Talks, Tasting, Demonstration and Workshop)

Sunday 25th May - River Cottage Annual Food Festival- Devon, United Kingdom (Talk, Demonstration and Signing)

Monday 26th - Friday 30th May- Schumacher College- Devon, United Kingdom  (Talks and Workshop)

Saturday 31st May - Embercombe- Devon, United Kingdom (Workshop)

(Main Image thanks to Good Food.com)

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