Awakening Humanity through the Imaginal Realm: A talk with Mick Collins

Permaculture magazine
Thursday, 1st February 2018

Author Mick Collins explores the role of the imaginal realm in humanity's necessary transformation out of the Anthropocene age, in a talk for the Cambridge Jungian Circle.

Mick Collins, author of The Unselfish Spirit and new book, The Visionary Spirit, is speaking at the Cambridge Jungian Circle in March.

He will be exploring the emergence of the Transformocene Age through visionaary spirits, the imaginal realm and hungry ghosts.

"We are threatened by the emergence of the Anthropocene, which is a threshold for a new geological epoch impacted by consumerism, human waste and escalating planetary degradation. In many ways, our eco-destructive habits mirror the neglect of our collective psycho-spiritual potential. For example, our vacuous consumer-based lifestyles resemble the realm of the Buddhist Hungry Ghosts. These spirits are never satiated, due to their small mouths and vast stomachs. However, as Arnold Mindell says, the Hungry Ghosts are like ‘complexes’, which means we can reflect on these self-serving appetites once they are brought into conscious awareness

Awakening a collective appetite for wholeness requires a transpersonal and ecological vision for living, one that values our shared transformative potential. It is here that Jung’s work is vital for the activation of what I call the Transformocene Age, where The Spirit of the Depths can inspire our visionary energies. Such dream and shadow work supports our collective efforts for transformation, especially when processes of ‘active imagination’ inform our ‘imaginative actions’ to serve the greater good. In this way, the Transformocene Age is focused on the cultivation of a sustainable future for all, through the numinous sacrament of love in action."

Dr Mick Collins worked for 12 years as an NHS occupational therapist in acute mental health settings and in a psychological therapies team. He spent 10 years as a lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, UEA, before retiring in 2015. He currently works as a transformational coach. His first book, The Unselfish Spirit, won the 2014 Scientific and Medical Network book prize.

The talk takes place on March 16th on Hills Road in Cambridge at 7pm.Entry is £8. For full details click HERE

For more about the book & a 20% discount until the end of February, visit:

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