Ben Law's Classic Book is Now In French

Permaculture magazine
Wednesday, 28th June 2017

The French version of Ben Law's classic, 'Roundwood Timber Framing is now available!

The French edition of Ben Law’s classic Roundwood Timber Framing book ( has just been translated into French and published by Terran ( You can read about it and purchase a copy here:

The publisher really has done a great job with this title. It is paperback and feels completely different to the original English version.

Other key permaculture titles from Permanent Publications available in the French language include:

How To Make A Forest GardenCréer un jardin-forêt. Purchase a copy here: 

Permaculture In A NutshellGraines de Permaculture. Purchase a copy here:

Permaculture Design: A Step by Step GuideGuide de Design en Permaculture. Purchase a copy here:

Getting Started in PermaculturePremiers Pas en Permaculture. Purchase a copy here:

Watch out for more permaculture translations into French and other major languages.