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Wednesday, 31st August 2016

The Permaculture Association is launching a Friends of Permaculture scheme, raising money for permaculture projects across the country, to support the next generation.

The Permaculture Association is launching a Friends of Permaculture scheme. We're asking for your help to raise funds. Those funds will be used to support the next generation of permaculture activists, working in communities facing the multiple challenges of poverty.

We want to grow a movement.

Brexit and the uncomfortable truth about Britain

The EU Referendum has revealed a deep divide in this country. Many children and adults live in poverty with precarious jobs, reduced public services and low quality living environments. The statistics are dire. People feel forgotten and powerless to change their future. That no-one is helping. How can we stand in solidarity with them? How can we make sure permaculture reaches the people in greatest need?

Permaculture makes a difference

We know permaculture can make a difference. OrganicLea in north London works with local volunteers creating confidence and employment skills. The Offshoots project gives every schoolchild in Burnley a chance to learn about nature. Residents in Stockbridge Village, Liverpool, turned their 'urban desert' into something abundant and beautiful that helped new relationships to flourish. We need more of this to be happening.

Friends of Permaculture Scheme

This is a new scheme to collect regular donations. Fifty percent of the money raised will be used to support the Association with its ongoing charitable work – like the Children in Permaculture project, support for international capacity building, the Soil Handbook project, and the Permaculture Enterprise work. We work transparently with modest and equitable staff wages in a very efficient way. This scheme will not be subsidising big staff salaries or fancy offices.

The other fifty percent of the money raised will be given as grants to support individuals and projects working in disadvantaged areas. We will help them learn about and use permaculture and develop practical responses to the problems they face. The money we raise will also support our applications to charities and trusts – we can use it to leverage more funds – “We've got £30,000 to help disadvantaged communities, can you help too?” Is a compelling request. We will work to double your donation.

Supporting new activists

Support will include grants for training, project development and materials. It will also include advice and mentoring to help talk things through. We hope some of you can share your skills as well as supporting people financially. An hour a month to help someone think through their new project, from a person with a lifetime of experience could make a big difference. We want to support people and we want people to feel supported too. Finally, we will help them tell their story to the world, so we can celebrate their successes, and so you can know how the money was spent. This will also help raise funds in future years so we can work with more people.

Our target

A thousand Friends by Christmas, raising £50,000. We are seeking support from individuals, but also asking eco-businesses to help as well. Can you be one of them?

You can help

Firstly, please make a decision to help. If your business can help too, or you want to make a larger donation, please get in touch. When the online campaign is launched in November, please share it with friends and colleagues. Visit the website, become a friend and sign up to be a regular donor – donations start at just £1 a month. Give more if you can. Let's work together to create a Britain that is peaceful, just, and healthy, for everyone. Thank you.

I've learnt a lot on the project.. the big one is permaculture... I did a course and now I know more about the future. We've got to do things for the generations to come.” Village Farm Orchard project, Liverpool (lead image)

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