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Tuesday, 19th December 2017

The Ecological Land Cooperative have two jobs available. They create affordable access to land for those wanting to ecologically farm.

The Ecological Land Cooperative (ELC) is a social enterprise based in Brighton, East Sussex. They exist to create affordable access to land for new entrants to ecological agriculture and mixed farming. Following the successful delivery of their first site, a cluster of three ecological smallholdings at Greenham Reach in Mid Devon, they are developing a site in East Sussex and purchasing new land in Wales. They have an ambitious plan to deliver around 20 smallholdings over the next 4 years.

They believe that ecological land-based livelihoods can help solve some of the most pressing environmental and social problems of our time, and seek to marry ecological principles with sound business practice to help more people live and work on the land. This type of small-scale ecological production delivers a number of benefits including protecting the environment, building vibrant rural communities, providing employment and training, and supporting healthy diets through affordable, locally grown produce.

Beyond this, the vision is one where land is valued and used as a means to enhance our collective good. At present, land in the UK is the target of financial speculation; in contrast, our model champions a collective, ecological and cooperative vision of land ownership and land use.

They are currently recruiting for two exciting new roles in the cooperative.

Fundraiser - 3 days (22.5 hours) per week - actual salary £15,824* per annum

Membership and Engagement Manager - 2 days (15 hours) per week - actual salary £10,549* per annum

Click on the links above to see the job descriptions for each post and find out how to make an application. The closing date for applications is Monday 15th January 2018 (midnight).

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